It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Minisa Rivers


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Mar 10 2018, 06:22 AM

War was a tragedy. War disrupted society and caused great pains to those that had member's of their families lost. Many died in the fight against the Free Cities yet the King was victorious. But as terrible as it sounded there was a good side to war that was experienced by those of a "lesser" profession. Victory did mean happy soldiers with all of the spoils of war. And happy soldiers with extra coin that they were not used to rarely spent it wisely. Though a whore would never turn a paying customer away because the whore felt that they needed to save and reinvest their money into their home or family. The joy of having coin and being alive drove many to the brothels once they returned to splurge and enjoy themselves. The streets and brothels were alive with action, which was a happy change of pace from the somberness that overtook them while the soldiers were off at war. Men drinking, musicians playing and whore moaning through their windows.

Personally, Minisa was very much enjoying the change and the liveliness. Business was booming and coins were filling her personal savings, which then bought her new things. Plus she enjoyed her livelihood more than most people. And what was not to like? That morning she had slept in, mostly due to a practically rough client that purchased her services for most of the night. When she did rouse, Minisa quickly bathed, dressed and prepared for the day. The days were fairly quiet. But Minisa found herself with some of the other girls just hanging out. While they were chatting it was decided that they wanted to do something different tonight. Something fun. Minisa and two of the other girls decided to throw sort of a themed party. A costume masked event. Most of the girls dressing as some sort of animal, or some dressing as 'The Seven' or some doing their best to dress as one of the royal family. A mask to then cover their real identity. They were able to use some time to craft small make shift masks for the people that would come to the house. Charge a couple of coins for a mask, another way to profit. The house was even decorated with a couple of things to make it seem more festive.

As the sun set on the horizon, people started arriving and eagerly paying for masks, wine, music and girls. The atmosphere of the entire was lively and fun. It was easy to loose one's self in the room of costumes, masks and wine. For the start of the evening, Minisa served wine and teased customers. Using a feather to tickle and toy with the men that she passed. Getting the occasional grab or grope. And just when she was able to close the deal with one of them she felt a tap on her shoulder. Slowly turning her head to glare at the servant that had rudely interrupted her business transaction. She quickly apologized to the man before taking a step off to the side to speak with the servant. "What is it?" She asked in hushed tone. Clearly eager to be rid of him and back to her work. "Lord Baelish requires a word" he responded, to which Minisa sighed. "Tell him that I am busy. We can talk in the morning." Deep down she knew that Lord Baelish did not like to be kept waiting. Clearly he had a reason for pulling her away. The servant had turned to leave when she quickly stopped him. "Nevermind... I shall go and see him. Make sure that someone tends to that man so that he doesn't feel lonely." She instructed, obviously motioning to the man she was just speaking with.

Heading off to the private area where she knew that Lord Baelish would be, Minisa wondering what it was that he needed to speak with her about. Her clients had been slow on the information lately and it was difficult to get anything about the Ironborn since they were all in the Iron Islands. There was word of a betrothal between the eldest son of Balon Greyjoy and a mainland girl was on the lips of some. Though she wondered who brokered this betrothal? Surely no fine Mainland Lord would want his precious daughter sent to such a place? Then that made her wonder what the heir to the Iron Islands offered in return for such a marriage. And as she walked to meet with her employer she wondered if he would be sending her off to the Iron Islands to further investigate. Oh she was not looking forward to that idea.

Granted there was no way to know her employer's true intentions until she heard what he had to say. His last message had been direct and she had taken it to heart. Focusing on that during her work. Finally she stepped into the room where her employer awaited. Minisa smiled as she removed the mask that she had been wearing. "My wanted to see me?" Asking with her usual level of curiosity but then easily transitioning to her more teasing tones. "You know... I was about to close the deal with a client when you asked for me. Stealing me away from clients is bad business for both of us."

Dec 16 2017, 07:02 AM

Lord Baelish,

Rumor is that great losses were suffered. The dead include Lord Willas Tyrell, a Mormont and Stannis Baratheon. The Master of Ships may have lost his life as well. It is difficult to say with the wreckage of the fleet. No body has been found.

There is also a rumor that a Martell lost his life in the battle. They say he joined the fight despite his family not pledging to help the King. Perhaps it was someone claiming to be a Martell or not. Ashes are being brought back as this person was burned alive. Or so the rumor goes.

Many were maimed.

I believe the loss of Willas shall be most devastating to the Targaryens and the Tyrells. My words are based on a recent encounter with Garlan Tyrell, the new heir to Highgarden. He was a good client and I quite enjoyed his company (and his cock). But he did not seem too interested in politics. Even he stated something to the effect of Mace Tyrell had little use for him. Garlan does not even have a proper betrothal awaiting him in Highgarden.

Please advise how you would like me to proceed if at all.


Jun 10 2017, 03:49 AM

Lord Baelish had come to her bedchambers in private and told her that he had arranged for her to meet with a "special" client. Being as this was not Minisa's first time, she understood what he meant by "special" client. It was a client that required discretion and for her to be at the top of her game to please him (or maybe her). His details were vague so mentally she prepared to almost anything. Though she did take the afternoon to thoroughly bath and apply some sweet smelling oils, nothing over powering but something to help relax them. As far as selecting a dress for the occasion... Minisa was never known to wear over the top gowns and Lord Baelish has no indicated the need for such a thing so she selected something simple. Something that was easily removed yet did not scream that she was a whore. Under that she had decided to forgo smallcloths. The preparations left her excited about her mysterious client for that evening. A smile on her face as she patiently waited for Lord Baelish to come and retrieve her.

It was after dark by the time Lord Baelish arrived and Minisa was ready to go. Wrapping her warm cloak around her shoulders and drawing up the hood as she and her employer stepped into the dark night. She followed him as they walked through a few dark alleys and into a tavern where they went downstairs. Once downstairs he directed her towards a door and into a dark tunnel. They both carried torches as they made their way through the windy tunnels. These must have been those rumored ones that lead deep into various parts of the Red Keep. There was silence between her and her employer as they made their way through even though she wanted to ask him of their location and final destination. Certain times called for such conversations and now was not one of them. Finally they reached a staircase and began to ascend towards the top. It was then that her employer finally commented on the nature of her future client. He was the Hand of the King, married but seeking some relief and she was to make sure he got that release (along with any information he may share). Sounded simple enough, though she was sort of impressed to meet the Hand of the King.

Finally Lord Baelish pushed open a door which lead into the bedchambers within the Hand's tower. He would be back for her in the morning and expected a good report. Minisa nodded and smiled before watching her employer disappear into the darkness. As she made her way further into the bedchambers she found them to be empty. Her eyes wondered a bit as she removed her cloak. Placing it gently on the nearest chair before moving towards the large and comfortable looking bed. Minisa sat down on the edge. Somedays she missed the life of comfort that came with living in a Lord's house. Her bed was feathers and her blankets made of a fine silk even if she did not deserve such things. His bed was comfortable. She would enjoy her night here, so she hoped. Sometimes the most powerful men had crazy kinks but Minisa would endure.

Finally she heard the sound of a door opening so she quickly stood up and smoothed out the skirt of her dress. Smiling as she finally laid her eyes on her client of the evening. "Good Evening My Lord." She said and dropped into a low curtsey before him. "Lord Baelish brought me here." Adding quickly to her statement so that he would not be confused. Sometimes powerful men freaked out when strange women magically appeared in their bedchambers so she wanted to quickly gloss over the confusion. Rising from her curtsey Minisa offered the man a smile. Now it was his turn to make a move. It was easier to let a client lead than it was to lead herself since his pleasures were unknown to her. Would he want to talk or get right to it? Would he need some wine to loosen up his nerves?

"Would you care to sit down and relax with some wine or something else?" Ok... maybe she liked to talk a little bit rather than stand their awkwardly. Still she smiled at him and patiently waited this time.

Jan 21 2017, 08:30 PM

Minisa Rivers is a whore who works in a brothel in Kings Landing. She works for Petyr Baelish at his lovely establishment and has for a couple of years now. Currently she needs some clients! Already existing characters are acceptable (and honestly preferred).

So yeah... this is a pretty simple want ad but a whore needs clients!

Dec 23 2016, 05:42 AM

The morning sun had come and Minisa found herself awoken by a client that had been lingering through the night, which he whole heartily paid for. He was a man of particular needs since his wife had passed some moons ago. Basically he longed for the physical intimacy of cuddling post sex and throughout the night as he slept. For clients that paid well, their wish was usually granted. His stirring woke her though as he dressed. Light eyes watched him with a soft smile on her lips. When he noticed that she had woken up he leaned down and placed a kiss on her brow. "Go back to sleep sweetheart. I will leave my payment in the usual spot. Thank you again for seeing me on such short notice." Not responding but instead laying her head back down on the pillow but watching as the man dressed and laid his money out. The second he was gone from the room she counted her earnings. It was all there. Lazily she sat back down on the edge of her bed, leaving the money for either the madam or the owner to collect their share. Wiping the sleepiness from her eyes as she woke.

When she did rise, Minisa went to her door and ordered one of the servants that worked within the brothel to bring her water so that she could wash herself along with fresh towels. Then she returned to her room to brew the tea that was so well known to her. The water boiling over the small fireplace in her room as the herbs were mixed in and left to steep. It was a quiet morning, as were most. With the royal wedding over the influx of business had died off as men returned to their own lands and families. Secretly she missed the business and the merriment that came with such a wedding. Celebrations such as a wedding came and went so she knew that there would be others, especially with the King's large brood of children. The servant brought her bath water before leaving and Minisa quickly washed herself of her last client while freshening up with fragrant oils. Always smelling luxurious even if her day did not have anyone special lined up. Tossing the water from her window and then turning back towards her tea. Pouring the warm liquid into her cup before once again taking a seat on the edge of her bed.

There was a while where she was calm and quiet as she contemplated her day. Which dress should she wear and with which gems? How many clients were eager for her services? Once her tea was finished she went about dressing in a simple but low cut gown. Making sure that her appearance was up to pair with the requirements of the brothel since she could not show up looking tired or less than perfect. It was apart of her job and apart of her own persona. Dark brownish reddish locks easily sweep up into a loose ponytail to show off her facial features. It was only once she was dressed and ready to face the day that she heard a knock at her door. Probably someone to collect the coins or a servant seeking to know if she needed anything. Either way she opened the door to the mysterious guest.

As her eyes looked up she saw none other than Lord Baelish standing before her door. Bowing her head slightly as she pushed the door wide open for him. "My Lord... such a pleasure to see you this morning. May I offer you something to drink?" Why had he come, she wondered. To collect the money or to speak with her. Only he knew his purpose so she allowed for him to direct the conversation as he wished. Minisa always showed her employer the greatest of respect after all he was a lord and her employer. "Please sit if you wish."
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