It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Dec 17 2017, 08:48 PM
Home. It was such an odd concept. Constantly changing, evolving and encompassing different people and things. It wasn’t just one thing or one location or one person, but it was something Myrcella knew when she had it. She had always known one day she would need to leave her home at Casterly Rock and make a new home somewhere else, but with all the changes at The Rock it was difficult to tell if it was even home anymore. Her brother was dead and things felt slightly emptier without Tybolt. What was worse was her grandfather being dead as well, and her uncle disappeared and accused of the murder of Tywin. All were men she admired and had her own relationship with, yet now all were gone and she found herself longing for a game of cyvasse with her grandfather or uncle.

Thinking of home now brought with it the thought of Pyke, and how dreary she imagined the island to be. She had never visited but she had heard the weather was bleak, the sky grey and she knew the men there were not men of learning or reading. They were brutes and plunderers, but she would soon be their lady and married to the heir. She hoped he would not be cruel. Myrcella did not need love, but she would not stand for cruelty or humiliation. There were things a woman had to endure as a wife, but Myrcella had a line she would not cross in the name of being a good wife.

Of course, there was also still some slight bitterness in the young woman about how her possibility of being heir to Casterly Rock had been given away by her Uncle Tycen. It was a calculated move, one she certainly admired for both the alliance it would forge as well as how swiftly it got her out of the way and made him the heir after her father. It was a move she should have expected from a son of Tywin and she was glad he had at least married her to a man that would continue to keep her ranking high, even if he was an Ironborn.

Myrcella enjoyed the moments she had to wander The Rock though, especially the gardens. She expected there would be few gardens on Pyke for her to enjoy and that she ought to appreciate the beauty of the flowers at The Rock while she still could. The floral air would be replaced with brine soon, and she would have to match the hardness of the Ironborn. She was mentally preparing for it, wanting to be a good lady and wife for her future husband. Husband’s rarely let their wives have any control if they disliked the woman and she wanted to be able to help exercise control and make decisions. She was a Lannister after all and had been raised with the cunning of her grandfather. She would not disgrace his memory by becoming a simple woman with no desires for power.

She sighed softly to herself as she looked at the flowers, wondering briefly how she had let Tycen gain the upper hand and take control of The Rock. She should have been heir, she was Jaime Lannister’s daughter after all, but her uncle was just as clever and cunning as her grandfather, as she liked to think of herself. She had been too busy mourning to look out for her own interests as heir, not realizing they had been put in danger. She would be good to the heir of the Iron Islands though, and seek the alliance her marriage was sure to make and strengthen it.

The girl saw another blonde, a familiar face and she felt a faint smile come to her lips. Surely her mother had it worse than she did recently. She had lost her son and her brother, she had to be hurting. Myr knew the pain of losing a brother but she had no son to lose, thankfully. She walked over to her mother, ignoring any servants as she approached her lady mother. “Mother. It is good to see you out in the gardens. I hope you are finding some joy in the weather for now. I hear it shall only get worse as winter grows longer,” Myrcella said with a soft smile. She knew things were about to get a lot worse and a lot colder in Westeros. The Starks and their stupid words claimed as much and certainly winter was always coming. Regardless, she was glad to see her mother, to enjoy her company for the moment.
Nov 11 2017, 01:17 PM
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<h1><west>Lady Myrcella Lannister</west></h1>
<h2>16 years old. the little lioness. westerlands. gabriella wilde.</h2>
<h3>athena. 24. cst. pm for skype/discord.</h3>
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The circumstances of your birth are known by few. You were born to a woman you would never call mother but instead aunt, the sister of your father. You were born of one of the biggest rumors of Westeros that turns out to be true. You were born to Cersei Baratheon, the result of her love with Jaime Lannister. You were born the second in a set of twins, but Cersei gave you to Lynesse, not even telling Lynesse who you were, she just gave a name. Myrcella. You are unaware of your true birth and so you know only Lynesse to be your mother and you love her dearly, though you do have a part of you that looks up to your aunt as well. Then again, you look up to nearly every Lannister, seeing the virtues in each.<P>

You were loved by your mother and father, their first daughter and one they loved dearly, especially hearing the stories of how difficult your birth was for your mother. You grew up close to your older brother, following him to his lessons whenever you could. Servants at Casterly Rock constantly mentioned how you reminded them of Cersei when she was young and how she would follow Jaime around. You wanted to be treated as their heir to the Rock. You wanted to learn what he learned, to become scholarly when possible. Of course, there were some things not suited for a Lady to learn, and instead your mother would teach you how to be a proper Lady, one a man could be proud to call a wife one day.<P>

Your Uncle Tyrion though was quick to tell you how a woman could be smart and cunning, how she could be powerful because of herself. He inspired you to continue reading, to learn what you could. You learned cyvasse, enjoying the strategy that was inherent in the game. As you grew you heard the gossip that as whispered about your Uncle but you learned never to believe it. He was a smart man and a good man, and being an imp did not take away from either of those aspects in your mind. He was a man for you to look up to, to admire for who he was and how intelligent he was. You always loved Tyrion dearly, for the intelligence he possessed and how he encouraged you to be a smart and powerful woman.<P>

You also admired your grandfather. He was intelligent and cunning and calculating and you always thought he ruled as a good ruler should. He always thought with his head first before letting his heart affect any decisions he might make. He seemed three steps ahead of anyone else in the room and he always seemed to know the outcome of events before they happened. You wanted to learn to be like him, to think like him, to guess the outcome as he seemed to. You tried to follow your grandfather when he would allow, wanted to learn from what you could and when you did not understand something he was doing you would ask Tyrion. Your grandfather seemed to harbor no love of Tyrion but you could not understand why. He seemed to possess the same cunning as Tywin, and you admired both men for their abilities.<P>

You always knew your brother would inherit the Rock and you would be sent to marry some lord. If you had your way, you would marry a prince, one set to inherit a throne. You thought you were meant to be a queen. You were ladylike but also smart, and you thought you make an excellent bride to a Targaryen, an excellent queen once Lyanna and Rhaegar no longer ruled. You looked up to the Wolf Queen. She was strong and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She was a different woman than yourself or your mother or aunt, but she was a woman who fought for the right of women to rule in their own right, and you deeply respected that. She gave you hope that one day you might be able to rule somewhere as well, either at the Rock or the Seven Kingdoms.<P>

It was always difficult when someone tried to tell you no. You were the only daughter of Jaime and Lynesse Lannister and so you were used to always getting whatever you asked for. When the septa would try to tell you no you would try to persuade her otherwise with words, and often refuse to do other things until you got your way. You refined this as you grew older, but that did not stop the whispers of how spoiled you were. You fought those whispers easily though as you grew older with grace and charm, taking after your mother in learning how to charm those around you. You took to acts of charity when you could, helping the smallfolk of Lannisport however you could. The people seemed to like you as they liked your dear brother.<P>

You have heard it said you inherited your father’s kindness and your mother’s kindness. Of course, being the Kingslayer has harmed your father’s reputation some, but you are aware the dire circumstances under which your father acted and know it was for the good of the Westeros, or so you have been told. Many can whisper all they like about your father, but you know the man he is at heart. A good and kind soul, a loving father, one who truly cares for the wellbeing of his children. He and your mother always loved you, and you had a good relationship with your brother as you were growing up.<P>

Of course, you had an aunt and uncle not wholly related to your father. They were your age and you grew up alongside them, playing with them when possible and learning beside them. You were never as close to them as your brother, but you knew the importance of family, of making sure Lannisters stuck together in the end. You were jealous when you heard that your Aunt Alea was set to marry a Targaryen Prince, you had always wished for such a fate. You pushed down such jealousy though, knowing that such things could only bring good fortune to the Lannisters in the end. The Lannisters were spreading through all the kingdoms and you knew that could only mean your family’s power was growing.<P>

Life in the Seven Kingdoms is never as one imagines though and you soon experienced grief like you had never imagined. Your grandfather was murdered and before you could even start mourning for him you were hearing whispers that your Uncle Tyrion had done it. You refused to believe such things, not thinking your uncle capable of such actions. You always loved him dearly and you did not think he would murder your grandfather. He had no real reason to after all, it was not like he would inherit anything upon your grandfather’s death. You refuse to believe it, though you know there are those in your family who do. You join them all in mourning the great Tywin Lannister, the man who made the family great once more and you cry over his death until you feel you have no tears left in your red eyes. You miss him often, wishing for his presence.<P>

Of course, this puts your father as Lord Paramount of the Westerlands and you know the weight that thinking Tyrion murdered his father puts on his shoulders. You try to help him where you can, to make it easier for him in the wake of Tywin’s death. Things are also made more difficult as news of your brother’s death reaches your family. It seems you had hardly stopped crying over your grandfather’s death when you hear Tybolt has died during the war. Your brother and heir to the Rock is dead and though you shed tears over your brother’s death, something else seemed to hit you as you wiped your eyes. You were the new heir to the Rock, given Lyanna’s stance that women could inherit, even if she had gone missing.<P>

You tried to stay at your father’s side as much as possible after your brother’s death. You wanted to be there to console your father as he needed it, but you also saw it as your duty since you would now be the heir. Of course, maybe you should have kept a closer eye on your Uncle Tycen, for he seemed to have his own plan given the death of Tywin and Tybolt. You should have known, you had known he had the cunning of Tywin but you did not think he would act as he had. He had offered your hand in marriage to Rodrik Greyjoy, heir to the Iron Islands. Had it been any other kingdom you would have been happy, but the Iron Islands are not known for their love of the mainland nor are they known for their kindness to women. You were at first insulted by the match. You feared not only for your own future, but for your house. The Greyjoys were not exactly a highly regarded family as the Targaryens or the Starks.<P>

The betrothal has put Tycen as heir to Casterly Rock. You know better than to fight his decision, and upon looking more at the situation and beyond your gut reaction to the betrothal you do see the sense in it. While you would rather stay at the Rock, you know how an alliance with the Ironborn will benefit your family and ultimately Westeros. You will still be ruling one day, alongside a Greyjoy husband, but you will have the opportunity you wish. Or so you hope. You hope he does not turn out to be a man who fears to let a woman have power, who mistreats his wife. But you will not stand to be mistreated. You are a Lady of House Lannister and you know the honor that should be shown to you for that. You also know the duty you have, to aid your family and soon you shall have a duty to the Iron Islands as well, as their future Lady.

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