It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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<h1><north>lady jocelyn tallhart</group></h1>
<h2>20 years old. lady ice. the north. elona lebedeva.</h2>
<h3>athena. 24. cst. pm for skype/discord.</h3>
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Your mother’s pregnancy was hard. She was in pain as her belly grew large and everyone told her it was a good thing, that it meant she should expect a boy to come from her belly, a Tallhart heir. The gods must be smiling upon her to bless her with a boy and that should she endure the pain, she will find a lovely baby boy at the end of the pregnancy. Instead, when she went into labor, a baby girl came out and your father was heartbroken but for a moment. Although he was disappointed that his first child was a woman, the disappointment did not last long. Of course, that your mother was with child again shortly after your birth helped. Unfortunately, she would not birth any boys for your father. Instead, it was just you and then two sisters who would be born after you. Your father pretended to be angry, but the truth was he would love his daughters something fierce.<P>

You were very much loved by your parents growing up. You were not the boy they had thought you would be but you would become the heir he had hoped for. As a girl you idolized and worshipped your mother, following her everywhere and learning from her ways. She taught you about prayer in the godswood and she taught you about manners at the table. She taught you to be a good Lady of the North. By all rights you would have made a good wife for any Lord of the North, if you weren’t the firstborn of the family. In fact, as your mother continued to birth girls, your father seemed to realize he would never be given a son and accepted you would be his heir.<P>

You began following your father around Torrhen’s Square. You observed him and sat by his side when he listened to common folk and their complaints. You observed how he responded, swiftly and justly, or so he told you. You believed him with no thought at your young age but as you grew you began to look more deeply into the issues. For the most part you agreed with how your father ruled his lands. He was just, he was good, but he was tough when the times called for it. You thought it was a good rule, common for the North and something to be proud of.<P>

As you grew you also received lessons from your father in how to be his heir. You had tutors to teach you to read, to teach you about philosophy and politics. You received an education almost as good as a boy might have received. Of course, you did not receive lessons in combat as a boy would, for those sorts of lessons would not have been allowed by your mother. She was fine having her daughters educated, but she would not have them be wild and unruly. She wanted proper daughters, ones she had always imagined raising. She had imagined playing with their hair and softly braiding the strands, but it would seem that with time, you could not even be that for her.<P>
Your father began to consume more of your time. He had lessons to teach you, after all, thoughts on being a just ruler and cases where he wished to hear how you would act, a type of teaching he loved best. This began to frustrate your mother as she saw it as him taking time away from your lessons in how to be a proper lady. She wished for you to be a proper lady, a good wife, more than anything else. She wanted to continue the lessons you had begun as a young girl, but there was no longer time for that. You were becoming your father’s daughter, and arguably it was necessary. And anytime you told your father you wished to spend the day with your mother and sisters he would remind you that you were his heir and that was not an option for you. Instead, your sisters received much attention from your mother, and the small gifts she would give them to help them along. They became your mother’s daughters, and you were busy learning to be heir from your father.<P>

During your first trip to Winterfell you were still a girl. No one took much notice of you as you were the shadow of your father. You wished to learn what he did while at Winterfell, to know the ins and outs of his business, but you were still a child and so nearly invisible to most. It suited you though, for it allowed you access to some of his going ons, though obviously not everything. You found that you enjoyed Winterfell, and upon your departure you begged your father to take you with him the next time he ventured to Winterfell. He agreed, knowing you would be his heir and he must treat you as such.<P>

You have returned to Winterfell numerous times since then but mostly you remain invisible there, much to your mother’s chagrin. She wishes to see you wed to a good husband, likely a second or third son from a good family, someone who will move to Torrhen’s Square and take his place as husband to the heir there. While you were off learning from your father, your mother was working to try and find a husband for you, even though you had yet to flower. As a child you were not the most attractive, with features like a scrawny boy, and it was difficult for your mother to persuade anyone to marry you, despite the fact you were heir to Torrhen’s Square.<P>

After flowering your mother requested you stay home during your father’s trip to Winterfell. She was frustrated that she could not help groom you to be the lady she wanted and so she wished to exert some control over you, to keep you from Winterfell and the trips you enjoyed so much. She wanted to invite certain lords to discuss the prospect of marriage and given that you had flowered and turned into a woman, no longer the flat-chested little girl you had been, your mother thought it would be better for you to remain at home. Your father gave into her, mostly exasperated with her attempts to try and groom you only into a wife instead of allowing him even more reign over you. <P>

Your parent’s relationship had grown tense over the years, a tension you did not remember being there from your childhood had set between them. You blamed yourself for the strain between your parents, blaming that you could not be everything they both required. You wanted to be the perfect lady your mother wanted and the perfect heir your father needed, but you felt like you were neither and that this was the cause of their rift. Of course, it was much more complicated than that and came down to complications in their communication, but as a young lady you viewed this rift as your doing. It was something you couldn’t fix though you desperately wished to.<P>

While your father was away your mother caught sick though and soon she passed. A raven was sent to your father, calling him home at once while she was ill but even he didn’t make it in time before your mother passed. Instead he arrived home to red eyes and crying daughters, already dressed in black and mourning the loss of their mother. Somehow her absence hits your sister more then you but perhaps that is because she was always more involved in their lives, ever since your father realized you would be his heir. You still cry over her death but you also cry realizing that you will not be the lady your mother had envisioned her firstborn daughter would be, and you regret not having grown closer to her. Your father mourns too and you believe he had his own regrets regarding their distance before her death, both physically and emotionally.<P>

Even years after her death you still feel her absence. She had planted the seed in making you a lady and though you did not give her time to nurture such things, you still loved your mother dearly. She taught many more lessons to your sisters than to yourself, but you loved her and you miss her. You wish you had said no to your father a few more times, allowed her to teach you how to better be a lady and let her braid your hair, but you were swept up in being your father’s heir and learning every lesson he taught you. You and your father relied heavily upon each other to deal with her passing, to try and bury your feelings while your sisters seemed to rely on each other, seeing you two as the other side of the family. Sometimes it felt almost as if you were a son in those moments, you felt like such a misfit from your sisters; they knew so well how to be proper and all you knew was how to take over your father’s position. You knew the basics of being a lady and you held yourself well enough, but you were missing the polishing they had received from so much time spent with your mother. Surely they would make for better wives then you ever could.<P>

You went with your father to Winterfell for the first time since you flowered into a woman and somehow everything seemed different. You were noticed in Winterfell, no longer invisible or just a shadow. The Warden of the North noticed you and you would have been a fool to turn him away. He was a man in power and though he could obviously never be your husband, you would be foolish to wave him away. You kept your time with him a secret from your father and even your sisters, but in the absence of his wife you grew closer to the Warden and though going into this you promised you would not develop feelings, you realize the heart does not always listen to such notions.<P>

Your father has since gone back to Torrhen’s Square but you have convinced him to allow you to stay in Winterfell, insisting the Warden requires your presence and that you would be a good advocate for your father while in Winterfell. He could go home and manage everything at home while you stay in Winterfell and advocate for your family’s cause. Your father was impressed by this idea and the thought that Rickard would allow you to stay in such a capacity so he, of course, agreed. The thought you would more easily meet a possible husband in Winterfell was also in his mind, but he was always so proud of the diplomatic and intelligent woman you had become that he gladly left you in Winterfell as he went back to Winterfell, without ever knowing of your true relations with the Warden.

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