It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Mar 14 2018, 12:35 AM
Kings Landing, an interesting place to say the least, and that is without the inclusion of the trial that had called so many to this place, that had called him here. Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf of Casterly Rock, a man he never expected to perform the crimes that he has been charged with. But he only knew him from his time as a squire for his brother Jamie Lannister. And Jamies love for his family and in particular his brother was legendary. So perhaps he was seeing him through rose coloured glasses. He wasn't really here for Tyrion anyway, he was here in case Jamie needed him, he owed much to Jamie, and if he could help with anything, even if it was simply someone to fight and work out emotions with, he would do it.

So he found himself here, in the capital city of Westeros, a stunning place, but lacking the beauty of so many places he had seen, especially with the current level of crowding. A spectacle such as the one that is being offered is rarely going to be missed if at all possible, by highborn and low alike. The streets showed it, he had not heard or seen the like, but that was likely because he had not yet been involved in one of the great tournaments. He would in time, simply waiting for the next to be announced before hopefully finally making the name he wanted to make, the fame he wanted to earn. For now this organised chaos was the greatest he had seen, street vendors covered the streets, the taverns and inns were filled and the whorehouses were constantly busy. He loved it and hated it in equal measure, the smell and the noise was less than pleasant, but the fun of it all was wonderful.

He spent hours wandering through the city, slowly exploring, listening to the tales and rumors passing around, most of them would be complete fantasy, but definitely worth an entertaining moment. The colours and sights were truly wonderful, filling him with awe as he took them all in, the many rather attractive people certainly did not help him from avoiding distraction either. Atius had to force himself to continue towards the area he was most interested in. The street of steel was famous for the many master smiths to be found along it, and the wonderful creations of protection and death. But still, despite this area he found so fascinating, so many different weapons and so many different styles of armor, he had one area he was itching to be in.

The training grounds of the Red Keep, what could be a greater place to be? The land upon which his own uncle Ser Arthur Dayne, The Sword of the Morning, trained and dueled with some of the greatest knights of Westeros. A place where legends battled and masters learned, it was almost intoxicating to be here, and that was without even holding a blade upon its sands. He stood surrounded by the spirits of great warriors, and could barely hold back the urge to draw his sword and fight any who wished to step forth. It was with this in mind his eyes scanned the area, hoping for a chance to again hear the sing of steel, perhaps he would be lucky enough to even train against one of the famed kingsguard, his uncle being the only reason he was even here after all. But Atius did not let his hopes get the better of him, simply watching and waiting, who knows what could happen, and who he could meet, in such a wonderful place.
Mar 12 2018, 06:48 PM
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<div class="quename"> ATIUS DAYNE </div>
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Atius Dayne, a man with such strong determination, the Heir to the Dayne House, and the Heir to Starfall. He grew up on stories of his uncle Ser Arthur Dayne, and all the Swords of the Morning from before him. He is brash and proud, but quick to laugh and quicker to accept a challenge, he loves a challenge and never steps down from a fight he has the slightest chance of winning.

Who doesn't want more friends? He is a happy man who loves to talk and flirt and drink, quite proud but his skills give him a good reason to be so, naturally talented with a blade and very well practiced. More likely to make friends than enemies, but that would depend on how you deal with a cocky hot blooded Dornish man.

Enemies are just challenges to overcome. Probably has a few enemies, isn't particularly good on holding back in the training field, so may upset a few of the people he has trained against. Is also a rather flirtatious man, though has not slept with any other than those he has paid, but flirtation alone is enough to upset many jealous people. His pride and brashness would also quite possibly earn him some enemies alone.

All of his lovers up until now have been quite expensive whores, and he is not overly open about his attractions to either sex. As such he likely hasn't had any lovers among the noble families quite yet, not that he would turn it down if offered. Quite open to lovers, spends a great deal of time in Starfall but he will certainly still be traveling around Westeros. Bi-Sexual

<div class="queinfo">The Hot-Blooded Starfall Heir </div>
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<h1><dorne>Ser ATIUS DAYNE</dorne></h1>
<h2>19 years old. The Morning Star. Ser/Heir. Dorne. Francisco Lachowski.</h2>
<h3>Corin. 21. GMT +8. PM/DISCORD – Daarkvonn#1071.</h3>
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<div class="genhead">The Morning Star</div>
<div class="gensmall">Birth of a Prodigy</div>

The birth of Atius Dayne and his twin sister Alva, following mere minutes after, was known to be the high point of Lord Alrik Dayne’s marriage to the Lady Alessia Dayne, formally of Volantis. The twins were born out of an otherwise fruitless union between the Lord and Lady Dayne, but they were loved by both with all their hearts. Atius came out as heir to Starfall, big purple eyes and dark brown hair, the perfect blend of his mother and father, and as close to his sister as any can be. The bond they shared in the womb carried on until long after they had left it, inseparable in their younger years. Even when Atius was being groomed to one day be Lord of Starfall, Alva was never far behind him, sneaking into classes if necessary. Atius, of course, undertook a rather different upbringing to his sister, being raised as heir and to be a lord. But Alva never stopped joining him whenever she could, including in the training field, wielding a sword almost as well as him and always pushing him improve.
One of the greatest influences in his life, however, would be his uncle, Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning. His father regularly told him stories and tales of his uncle, Ser Ulrik Dayne and Ser Davos Dayne, the previous Swords of the Morning. It was these tales he always took to heart, not just of their prowess and skill but their honour, their love for their families, their glory and their fame. His father wanted him to take after these men, become the next Sword of the Morning to bring much honour and fame to the Dayne family. Due to the natural positive competition that was forming between Atius and Alva their father allowed Alva to train with weapons alongside her twin. Atius benefited greatly from this, someone to always compare himself to, someone to train alongside and one of the few youths who could challenge him at all by the age of eight.
The tales of the Swords of the Morning took root within Atius’ heart and mind, driving him to always improve, always be better, and his training showed this, always the last to leave the field, always the first to step upon it once again. He never gave up, never failed to learn from his mistakes, and never failed to attack. His Dornish blood was always there, brash and hot headed described him well, even at such a young age, and his studies beyond that of sword-work suffered consequently. Never failing to learn or too hot-headed to listen but never giving his full attention, instead picturing past battles, or future ones, the steps travelling through his head time and again. The task his father placed upon him was immense, almost unobtainable, however that never crossed his mind, he was always certain that he would succeed, never once did he allow doubt to enter. He never even realised that perhaps that was not what he wanted, that it was only what his father wanted from him. Instead it became him, it became his hopes and dreams, his every waking thought, he was utterly devoted to the ambitions of his father and much too stubborn to ever let him down. Atius became quite proud, knowing just how skilled he was, how well he was doing in his life, his pride almost matching the pride his father had for him and the pride he had for his sister. He would never admit she would ever be better than him, but there was always a chance as a child that she could defeat him, always the chance he would make a mistake.
<div class="gensmall">The Star in the Lions Eye</div>
The day he received a letter from the Lord of the Rock, Jaime Lannister, was one of the proudest moments of his life, to see the Lannister Lion in the wax seal upon a scroll was a shock to him. A few months after his eighth name day and he had received a letter from the head of a great house, from one of the greatest swordsmen Westeros had ever seen. He opened it with trembling hands, reading aloud the letter to his father, mother and twin sister, voice shaking but with a proud backbone to his speech. He had been accepted into the service of Jaime Lannister as his squire, he was going to learn from a former Kingsguard, a man who had fought alongside his uncle, the Sword of the Morning, and a man known throughout Westeros as a great swordsman, despite the unsavoury reputation he had gained alongside his title Kingslayer.
His dark reputation meant nothing to Atius, only his reputation as a great swordsman, a very accomplished jouster and the youngest man to ever join the Kingsguard. A true legend, one he held in high esteem, though never as high as the uncle he had never met, for no one could be greater than the Sword of the Morning in his eyes. He packed quickly, eager to be off, but he was forced to wait at least a week and honestly in many ways he was glad that he was, he would be leaving his mother, his father, and worst of all the twin he had not been separated from for their whole lives. It was hard for him to leave Alva, he loved her and she would forever be in his dreams. He would think of her often throughout his life, worrying about her, hoping she was happy and secretly happy to see how much she would improve against him when he next saw her again. So, at weeks end he boarded a ship bound for Lannisport with his clothes and a few other personal belongings, eager for the whole trip to be over. He practiced even aboard the deck, learning how to counteract the movement of the ship, which was not greatly different from fighting on horseback. He spent what little time he didn’t use training running around talking to and trying to help the sailors, fascinated by the way they worked, spoke and lived, so different to what he had grown up with.
His life in Casterly Rock was better than he could have imagined, he spent hours upon hours under the tutelage of Jaime Lannister and under his Aunt Lady Ashara Lannister nee Dayne. While Jaime Lannister taught him to fight with a variety of weapons and techniques, his aunt fought to teach him how to be a Lord, how to rule, how to manage Starfall and the lands that fall under its control. His aunt had the hardest time, Atius never could concentrate well on his studies, always eager to return to the training field, with a sword in his hand, but she was up to the challenge. She never gave him a break or let him be as slack as he wished to be with such studies, she demanded much from him, although not as much as the man he was squiring for. Jaime Lannister was very demanding, but fair, he required Atius to train even harder than he had before, with Atius often going to bed long after the sun had set, covered in bruises with every muscle aching. He never complained, for he learnt from one of the greatest swordsmen in Westeros and, despite his reputation, one of the greatest men. He learnt honour, bravery and a way to use his ambition to further himself, rather than to push himself beyond his abilities.
He knew he was improving, constantly becoming better and better, with his swordsmanship, his jousting and even, amazingly, his less physical studies and more lordly requirements. His aunt was as much of an influence on his development as Jaime Lannister was, teaching him respect, courtesy, manners, business acumen and even some things about the running of a household, often regarded as the job of a woman. He grew quickly emotionally, mentally and physically, his maturity developed well under the tutelage of these two amazing people, and he grew to count them as close as his other family members. Other than Alva, of course, nobody could be closer to him than her. There were, naturally, other things that developed as he matured. His interest in members of the opposite sex for example, and for the same sex if he was being honest. The Dornish blood in his veins no longer only made him brash and hot blooded, he was rather keen on another favorite Dornish pass time. Though he kept his actions quiet and restricted to the high-priced whores that could be found in nearby establishments, avoiding “despoiling” the maids and highborn ladies that could be found around the Rock.
<div class="gensmall">The Mystery of the Morning Star</div>
Luckily for him a tourney was announced to be held near Lannisport, a small affair, with many of the Noble families of the Westerlands not even considering entering, an excuse he had heard it be said for his uncle to reunite with his sister Lady Ashara. He could not wait for his hero to arrive, eager for even the chance to see him, though he was quite hurt when Jaime Lannister forbade him from joining in the tourney. The statement that it was only for anointed knights, not their squires, only acted as motivation for Atius. He was going to enter this tourney, he was going to show his skill and hopefully, finally, meet his uncle, Ser Arthur Dayne. He convinced a Lannisport man to sign him up as a “Mystery Knight” under the title he had earned in his time here “The Morning Star”. A title he gained due to his families’ symbol, and his habit to be the first person upon the training field in the early hours of the morning before the dawn. Not the most inventive of nicknames but a very fitting one, though he soon hoped to replace that with the title he always wished for, the Sword of the Morning.
He snuck into the barracks of Casterly Rock and took a plain unadorned suit of armour, he then paid an artist upon the streets of Lannisport to paint the symbol he would be fighting under, his own personal take on his house colours. A purple star, rising above a sunrise on a white field, to represent both his house, with the colours inverted, and the nickname he had earned. His entry caused some stir among the nobles and lowborn alike, mystery knights were not uncommon but nor were they common, and they were often interesting, the mystery always adding to the interest of the jousts. The tilts went well for Atius, taking down every knight placed against him, his natural skill and years of practice under a man with great jousting skill had helped him well for this challenge. He quickly rose through the lists until it came to the final joust, against the man he held above all, Ser Arthur Dayne, his uncle. This was perhaps the closest he had ever been to the man, and he was not disappointed, he sat a horse almost as if it were a part of him and looked so confident, but not unjustly proud. Then it was time, he charged against his uncle. Three tilts later and he found himself flying from his horse at the hands of his uncles’ greater skill and talent, landing well. He was brought back to his senses by the sight of Ser Arthur standing above him, hand reached down towards him, he took the assistance standing before his helm was removed. The sight of a boy who had managed to defeat so many knights brought shock to the crowd, and many whispered conversations soon sprung up, but Atius cared for only one person at that time. He looked into the face of his uncle with a mixture of pride, awe and fear, right up until Ser Arthur spoke only a few words with a smile “You’re my nephew alright”.
He was blessed to receive his spurs not long after, finding himself kneeling before the seven in the sept of Casterly Rock, wearing a simple white tunic, a purple cloak upon his back bearing the symbol of his House, the white sword and falling star crossed upon his back. His personal symbol was small upon his breastplate piled at the Warriors’ feet with the rest of his armour, his sword place across the Warriors’ knees. Blood was leaking slowly from his now raw knees after his long vigil overnight, praying to the Seven, waiting for Ser Jaime to return. He did not react at Ser Jamie’s entrance, reacting only when he spoke “Your uncle once told me that blood is the seal of devotion, and that knights must bleed, those words are as true now as they were then”. He drew his sword and placed it upon Atius’ shoulder and spoke the words “In the name of the Warrior I charge you to be brave. In the name of the Father I charge you to be just. In the name of the Mother I charge you to defend the young and innocent. In the name of the Maid I charge you to protect all women.” Never had Atius felt so proud, to be knighted by such a man, the only thing that could possibly make him feel prouder would have been to be knighted by Ser Arthur Dayne himself. He looked up at Ser Jaime as he was asked one of the most important questions in his life “Do you swear before the eyes of the gods to obey these charges as given to you?” There was a solemn pause before Atius replied with two words that would forever bind him “I do”. Ser Jaime smiled proudly as he spoke once more, “then rise a knight, Ser Atius Dayne”. Atius rose to his feet with the proudest smile of his life across his features and took Ser Jaime’s arm in his own with a tight grip, “I cannot thank you enough my Lord.”
So, a new knight, he returned to his home, one he had not seen in almost a decade, to people he was not sure would recognise him and to the most important person in his life, his twin sister, Alva. He quickly caught back up on all that had happened since he had been gone, passing on stories of his own time and life since he left. Most were not even exaggerated, a thing he was unlikely to do, as how could one exaggerate the meeting of the man you always looked up to, and a knighthood by one of the greatest swordsmen in Westeros? It did not take him long to once again be comfortable in his home and took even less to return to the training field. After all, he needed to see how well his sister had improved during his extended absence, and show off just a little.
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