It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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 A Ghost of You, Marg
 Posted: Feb 28 2018, 06:08 AM
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Kings Landing

There was no more stalling on the Targaryen princess's part. After the war, Dany had brought Willas' body back to Kings Landing in order for the maesters to properly care for it and prepare it for transportation to Highgarden and then ultimately his burial. The first couple of days back in Kings Landing had proven the toughest in her life. Harder than the brutal eyes of her good father as Dany suffered through miscarriages. The looks of sympathy were painful. No one said too much to her either so she was left to stay secluded in her bedchambers, or hide with Viserys or watch the maesters work with the shell of her beloved husband. Ravens had been sent to Highgarden of their tragic loss by the Grand Maester at the Red Keep on behalf of Dany. She could barely contain her grief when she tried to form the words as letters on a page. It all felt so wrong and like this was her fault. When asked about traveling to the Reach, she begged for more time. She needed to take care of travel arrangements or she needed to meet with her brother Rheagar or she needed to tend to Vaelyx. Until she ran out of excuses. The body was ready to go and all of the arrangements had been completed. So just as the sun was peaking over the horizon, Dany got into the carriage along with Viserys (who promised to accompany her to the burial) and they were off. The forces from the Reach were following as well, protecting the body of the man they assumed to be their future lord. Choosing to leave her beloved dragon behind for this particular trip.

It was a slow moving caravan of people. The ride to the Reach would have been faster on dragon back but instead Dany remained with Willas' remains. Guarding them like a dragon guarding its hoard of gold from those that would try to steal it. Some days she rode in the carriage, other days she rode along side the men on horseback and some days she just walked slowly with Viserys by her side. They would make it there eventually, she told herself. But the journey itself felt like a mourning period for the widow. With each step that drew her closer to Highgarden, she felt the grief being set aside. There would always be regrets on her part. Regret that she could never tell him how much she loved him or hear him whisper those words to her. Regret that she had been upset and distant after the stillbirth. Regret that they would never share the warmth of their bed together ever again. But deep down she knew that Willas would want to see her happy as she had been in their marriage. He would want to see her alive though she knew that he would wait for her. The acceptance of his death had finally come. Her purpose and future remained unclear (though she knew that she would never marry again) but she did not look at it with dread.

Although she had to admit that she was not fully ready to face the Tyrell family. That dread still loomed on the horizon. Each day growing closer. But each day she reminded herself that she was the Blood of a Dragon and that she was strong.

When their caravan finally arrived, she was greeted by Mace Tyrell and his family. She embraced her good father in a hug and he politely whispered to her "I am sorry for your loss" though she could feel his distain for her in the whispered tones. It was no secret that Willas was the beloved son and that Dany was only tolerated because she was the King's sister. Any other woman that had been married to Willas and suffered as many miscarriages as Dany, would have been removed. Quickly moving from Mace and onto his wife, who lovingly embraced Dany as a mother to a daughter. Of course the moment was quickly spoiled when she opened her mouth to speak. "Is there any chance of a child?" It was an insensitive question which made wrath flash through her eyes yet she held her tongue. This woman lost a son and did not need to be berated for her lack of tact. Rather Dany quickly greeted Garlan, Loras and Margaery before asking for some time to recover from the journey. Mace gave her the leave she requested and let her know that there would be a dinner to celebrate the King's victory and that upon the morrow they would hold the funeral.

And with that Dany walked past and headed to the room that she had once shared with her love. Pushing past the large wooden door to find that the servants had already packed up her things for her. Mace was clearly kicking her out as nicely as possible. The room felt cold to her. She stood there in the silence just admiring the small details and thinking about the memories that the room held. Both good and bad ones. Her wedding night, her first miscarriage, the night that she and Willas stayed up all night by the fire place and that one time she told him that she needed to fight in her brother's war. Strange how both memories made her chest tighten and her legs feel weak. Her hand reached out and grabbed onto the nearest piece of furniture, the desk where Willas used to write. Using the desk to guide her to the nearest chair and letting her body slump down onto it without much grace. Her free hand reaching for the pair of rings that she now wore around her neck. Matching rings once worn by husband and wife.

And as she sat there, Dany heard a knock at the door. It caught her attention and she assumed it was likely a servant tending to her. Inhaling deeply she found the strength to rise to her feet. "Enter."
 Posted: Mar 4 2018, 02:28 AM
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It had been weeks since they first learned of Willas’s tragic end in Tyrosh. The reality of it had yet to settle in for many of the members of House Tyrell; it still felt as if the battle had not finished and he would be returning once the war had been won. More than likely this was a result of Daenerys’s continued absence at Highgarden. The woman may have been born a Targaryen, but she had been a Tyrell for many years now. Regardless of what Dany believed, she was never in any danger of having her marriage annulled, and for reasons beyond her bloodline. House Tyrell was a tight-knit bunch that protected their own, and prided themselves on not having division within their own house (unlike their Lannister neighbors to the North). Once she married Willas, Daenerys became one of their own. She would always be treated thus.

The caravan was spotted before it reached the gates of Highgarden, and the entire Tyrell family went out to greet them. Margaery spotted her mother dabbing at tears with a handkerchief - Alerie Tyrell had spent the better part of the last moon turn in tears over the loss of her eldest son. Her own breath caught in her throat as they spotted the men carrying Willas’s remains, and the little rose felt her chest grow tight. Any tears that spilled over were silent though, and swiftly contained. Margaery was determined to offer support to her mother and good-sister, whose pain she knew she might never understand. Even when she did marry she knew perfectly well that there was no man that could be the object such deep feelings.

Hearing her mother’s whispered question to the princess, Margaery could feel her heart splitting in two. The woman was so desperate to have even the smallest piece of her son back, and a baby would be just that. Moreover, none of the Tyrells wished to see Daenerys leave Highgarden. She had become family and to lose her as well as Willas seemed all the more tragic. Frowning as the dragon princess requested to rest awhile before supper, Margaery found herself wishing that she could offer some kind of comfort to her good-sister. But there was none - not for a loss like this. All she could do was give the other woman a bit of space.

Typically the funeral service for those who adhered to the Faith of the Seven was to last seven days, with services held in the morning, afternoon, and evening. However so much time had passed since Willas was killed in battle - to leave his body in the Sept for such an observance would be unwise. It was far better to bury him in the family crypt as swiftly as possible. The more traditional observance had been held without his body, with the Sept opening to the smallfolk and the Tyrell family for prayers. On the morrow his body would be displayed for one day only before being buried properly - decomposing or not, Willas deserved at least that.
A few hours had passed since Daenerys’s arrival, and the princess had yet to reappear from her chambers. Despite knowing that her good-sister was not likely to have much of an appetite, Margaery offered to collect her for the evening meal, opting to peak in on her a little early so they might have a few moments alone. Knocking on the heavy wooden door, the little rose entered only when bid to do so. ”Daenerys?” Margaery poked her head in, seeing the other woman rise from where she sat. There were no words she could offer. Instead she crossed the room silently, wrapping her oldest friend in a tight embrace.
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