It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has been declared on the Stepstones, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Nov 16 2017, 07:54 PM

I know it seems like "Solace is leaving us AGAIN?" well...yes. I am. Just for a week.

I will be driving with one dearest friend to Arizona for Thanksgiving with the Grandmother, and my folks, and some friends. The Internet is terrible there, and also, last time I was with my family and my grandmother it was a shit show. I'm making sure that there isn't a v.2 of that experience.

So I'm probably not going to be touching my computer for a week, from Monday the 20th until Saturday the 25th (when I return).

I will be handwriting some replies, though, to keep my mind going and so I don't go completely insane.
I will be snap-chatting a lot. look for me there.

Don't miss me too much <3 Love you bunches. See you soon

This effects Alea Targaryen, Beth Cassel and Mellario Martell

Oct 29 2017, 05:22 PM
It had been a beautiful day.
The cold was biting, not to the point of discomfort, but it could be felt with a particularly violent gust of air. Especially on the back of a horse galloping apace among the Kingswood. When the morning had come it had been quiet and peaceful, so much so that Alea had asked her lady in waiting to get a boy down to the stables and saddle her horse for her so she could go riding. With most of her family flying across the sea to fight and bring fire and blood onto their enemies, she stayed behind as a sort of figurehead, one of the princesses staying to bring hope and support to King's Landing and to Westeros. Though she was a princess by marriage, she was a princess no less, and she helped in whatever way she could for the war efforts. Even if it was passing out alms after visiting the Great Sept, or giving food to the needy. What was spared could be spared for boost in moral.

The city was almost eerily quiet this morning The air was just cool enough to warrant a heavier riding coat without the added protection of a cloak, though a hood was added to add protection over her golden hair which was braided and pinned into place top her head. The black and red riding coat and dress kept her warm as she left with her escort from the palace and through the city to the Kings Road, leading to the great Kingswood. It was quiet, even for the sound of hooves against the cold hard ground. There was a chattering of birds, the sounds of rustling leaves and the chattering of small woodland animals, but other than that, Alea found it exciting as she did unnerving. How thrilling to be so utterly alone within nature? Her thrill for travel and exploration had only been tempered some what by her marriage. She had to be content with staying within Kings Landing for such a long period of time. However - her soul still sung for traveling across the Seven Kingdoms, to see the world across the Narrow Sea and beyond. Alea had to be content with the celebrations she would travel to, the exploration she got through that. Though with the King's newest marriage, she wondered if there was

The guard stayed back from her as she galloped ahead, her body moving with the horse as she began to gain quiet a bit of distance from her protectors. It was only when she could feel a particularly cold breeze that she began to slow down her horse, and eventually stopped. Looking back, she realized she couldn't hear the pounding of hooves, or anything except the life in the woods. Alea sighed quietly, realizing that she had lost the guards. They would probably be back where they entered, or one of them would be searching for her. "Well, Lann, I didn't think we were going that fast." She murmured to her horse. The golden gelding pawed the ground, his head dipping down to sniff the ground, uninterested in his riders worries and more interested in the wood. Alea sighed quietly looking back around them before she pulled the reigns to her and turned them around.

Their pace was slower, a leisurely walk as they headed back the way they came in hopes to meet up with her guard. However, once they reached the beginning, she was rather surprised to only find one of her guard waiting for her, and seeming anxious at her arrival.
"I'm glad you are safe, Your Highness. We couldn't find you, but Ser Rowland assured that you would return here if we were to lose you in the forest." The knight said, and Alea nodded. It should have been a moment of chastisement, but things had been rather calm in the woods. Everyone had been pulled into the army, and no one was on the roads these days. Bandits had all but left the woods these days for better pickings. "Your Highness, there seems to be some trouble back at the city. A rider came from the Lord Commander to ask us back, and Ser Rowland has gone ahead of us to assist. We should hurry back." Ser Howlan, a young man who was usually assigned to the princess while she was in Kings Landing was quick to speak to the princess once she didn't object. Alea looked rather surprised at his urgency, but Alea nodded. "Of course, I understand, Let us return."

As they headed back towards the castle, it was Alea's turn to try and keep up. The knight's horse was being pushed to head back, and Alea, while she was keeping pace, knew that Lann was already tired from his previous exertion. But she kept up as best as she could - and she could see smoke in the distance as they approached the walls of the city. There was loud noise coming from the inside, from the cities walls and deep within. Alea looked rather startled as she approached Ser Howlan's side. "What is happening?" She asked, seeing people flee on foot or at least getting away from whatever chaos was happening inside. She knew that the safest place would be inside the Keep, and the Knights of the guard knew ways to keep her safe. But as they approached, two men - one seemed familiar to the princess - came and spoke something to Ser Howlan that she couldn't quiet make out.

"I'm glad Rowland sent you." He said, turning to the princess. "Your Highness, there is a riot within the city. We must get you to safety at once. Lord Hendry Bracken will escort you to safety. I must assist Ser Rowland, and his squire will take back your horse." He was quick, and Alea thought there was too much coming at her to quiet process. However, before she could truly complain, she was being lifted off her horse and onto the ground, while her Gelding was then mounted by the young squire and the two left back into the city, leaving her and this Hendry Bracken alone.
"What is happening?" She said to the lord rather quickly, turning around, her golden hair still pinned in place by the hood, but it was obvious that she was of noble blood among those running away. "Lord Bracken, is it? What is going on? where are we going?" Alea did not appreciate being treated so swiftly like an errant child, when she was a princess and a wife to one of the Princes of the Seven Kingdoms, and more mature than that. Being swiftly removed from her horse and being told what to do was not how a princess was to be treated.

COAT/DRESS (imagine a matching gray hood)
Oct 18 2017, 10:32 PM

Sup everyone!

I'm going home back to Boise because one of my oldest childhood friends is getting married. I'm going to see her get hitched and then also hang out with my folks. My dad recently had surgery on his shoulder, so i will be helping him out there, but also just trying to get myself back into the grove.

My depression and anxiety has been pretty bad, so im going to see my doctor while i am there, and see what else there is I can do. Its part of the reason I haven't been around too much or been as active. I can't pull myself out of bed some days - its been pretty bad.

So I am hoping that a visit home to some cooler weather, so home food, some celebrations and some good family time will help a little bit.
I am going to be on scarcely at all, if I can help it. I really need to be with my family during my time home. I will still be on snapchat tho. Hit me up.

Love you bunches. See you Tuesday.


-This will effect: Alea Targaryen, Beth Cassel and Mallario Martell.

Jul 28 2017, 08:51 PM
Hey guys.
As most of you know, I graduated back in May, but ever since then I have been busy with theater, with show case, with job hunting, with a part time job...lots of stuff. I haven't seen my family since May, and for some of my family, even longer then that.
I'm worn out, really. I haven't had a chance to just relax out of LA in so long. I've been stuck here since January. I'm done with LA.
So on Monday, I'm packing and leaving town for a week to fly home, and then drive over with my mom to pick up my grandma and then meeting more of my family over in Oregon. We are renting a house for my grandmother's birthday. Its right on the beach. I'm stoked for all of this. I fly back on the 7th, but I will have rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet. So you won't hear from me that day.

I'm not sure how this internet situation will be. But I'm sure that having 10+ people on the internet won't be the best. But hey, I will try and keep you guys updated.
I will write my two Alea posts for Petyr and Sansa while I am either on the plane, or when i have some down time when I'm not in the ocean. But I'm not making many promises!

I really need to be able to recharge and take some me time. I haven't been doing that. I need to change it.
Love you all! <3
This effects Alea Targaryen, Beth Cassel, and Mellario Martell.

Apr 29 2017, 01:16 AM
War was a nasty business. It killed families and loved ones, divided nations and the battles kept everyone apart. Marriages did the same, and the Stormlands were too far from the Westerlands for any true visit to take place. But Wars were convient that way, as they brought family together in unexpected ways.

Alea was slotted to stay for the next several months in Kings Landing, and with Tybolts death weighing heavily on her mind, she missed her family more and more. Tycen was now heir of Casterly Rock, even though he truly was the lord behind the scenes, plotting marriages and working to better their house. The thought of the last time she has seen him, back just after her wedding, was enough to make her long for the days when she could ask her brother for anything, and when the two where closer. Now it felt like they were thousands of miles apart in duties and in distance. Which was why his presence in King's Landing was wonderful news, and she had written to him, requesting his presence as soon as possible.

Though she would keep her marital problems from their conversation, she knew it would come up; her lack of children, her husbands constant traveling... people were beginning to talk. And if there was one thing a Lannister hated, it was rumors and gossip they couldn't control.

Alea waited within her chambers until her brother was announced. It was amazing what time as a princess did. Alea's sweet face had become a bit more mature, her stance more sure, her movements elegant and she had aged a little around her features. Not like her mother, or any woman might in old age -Alea was still the bud of youth- but it was from something that weighed on her. Despite this, she looked every bit the Princess she was meant to be, had been bred to be. Dressed in soft lilac, she was still the epitome of beauty and joy, even if the joy had begun to leave her some time ago.

She rose as her brother was announced, a meal of chicken, vegetables, sweets and savories laid on the dinning table for two and a smile came from her lips as her brother walked in. She nodded to the servant to depart, before she moved to Tycen with sure feet.

"Lord Tycen," she greeted, a teasing reminder to their last encounter. She moved quickly to take his hands, different from the hugs she used to give. This was more familial, more meaningful then a hug.
"I have missed you, brother. It has been far too long." it truly had been, and Alea felt as if a great weight had lifted from her shoulders at seeing him again. "How have you been? Come, I have dinner for us. I hope you are hungry." she said once she had released his hands, moving to the table. Tycen did always talk to her over a meal, it seems, no matter the distance or time spent apart. This was their type of reunion which would end with wine in front of the fire, much like father would do. Even in his death, his two youngest children shared his traits in more ways than one, it seemed.

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