It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Feb 28 2018, 06:08 AM

There was no more stalling on the Targaryen princess's part. After the war, Dany had brought Willas' body back to Kings Landing in order for the maesters to properly care for it and prepare it for transportation to Highgarden and then ultimately his burial. The first couple of days back in Kings Landing had proven the toughest in her life. Harder than the brutal eyes of her good father as Dany suffered through miscarriages. The looks of sympathy were painful. No one said too much to her either so she was left to stay secluded in her bedchambers, or hide with Viserys or watch the maesters work with the shell of her beloved husband. Ravens had been sent to Highgarden of their tragic loss by the Grand Maester at the Red Keep on behalf of Dany. She could barely contain her grief when she tried to form the words as letters on a page. It all felt so wrong and like this was her fault. When asked about traveling to the Reach, she begged for more time. She needed to take care of travel arrangements or she needed to meet with her brother Rheagar or she needed to tend to Vaelyx. Until she ran out of excuses. The body was ready to go and all of the arrangements had been completed. So just as the sun was peaking over the horizon, Dany got into the carriage along with Viserys (who promised to accompany her to the burial) and they were off. The forces from the Reach were following as well, protecting the body of the man they assumed to be their future lord. Choosing to leave her beloved dragon behind for this particular trip.

It was a slow moving caravan of people. The ride to the Reach would have been faster on dragon back but instead Dany remained with Willas' remains. Guarding them like a dragon guarding its hoard of gold from those that would try to steal it. Some days she rode in the carriage, other days she rode along side the men on horseback and some days she just walked slowly with Viserys by her side. They would make it there eventually, she told herself. But the journey itself felt like a mourning period for the widow. With each step that drew her closer to Highgarden, she felt the grief being set aside. There would always be regrets on her part. Regret that she could never tell him how much she loved him or hear him whisper those words to her. Regret that she had been upset and distant after the stillbirth. Regret that they would never share the warmth of their bed together ever again. But deep down she knew that Willas would want to see her happy as she had been in their marriage. He would want to see her alive though she knew that he would wait for her. The acceptance of his death had finally come. Her purpose and future remained unclear (though she knew that she would never marry again) but she did not look at it with dread.

Although she had to admit that she was not fully ready to face the Tyrell family. That dread still loomed on the horizon. Each day growing closer. But each day she reminded herself that she was the Blood of a Dragon and that she was strong.

When their caravan finally arrived, she was greeted by Mace Tyrell and his family. She embraced her good father in a hug and he politely whispered to her "I am sorry for your loss" though she could feel his distain for her in the whispered tones. It was no secret that Willas was the beloved son and that Dany was only tolerated because she was the King's sister. Any other woman that had been married to Willas and suffered as many miscarriages as Dany, would have been removed. Quickly moving from Mace and onto his wife, who lovingly embraced Dany as a mother to a daughter. Of course the moment was quickly spoiled when she opened her mouth to speak. "Is there any chance of a child?" It was an insensitive question which made wrath flash through her eyes yet she held her tongue. This woman lost a son and did not need to be berated for her lack of tact. Rather Dany quickly greeted Garlan, Loras and Margaery before asking for some time to recover from the journey. Mace gave her the leave she requested and let her know that there would be a dinner to celebrate the King's victory and that upon the morrow they would hold the funeral.

And with that Dany walked past and headed to the room that she had once shared with her love. Pushing past the large wooden door to find that the servants had already packed up her things for her. Mace was clearly kicking her out as nicely as possible. The room felt cold to her. She stood there in the silence just admiring the small details and thinking about the memories that the room held. Both good and bad ones. Her wedding night, her first miscarriage, the night that she and Willas stayed up all night by the fire place and that one time she told him that she needed to fight in her brother's war. Strange how both memories made her chest tighten and her legs feel weak. Her hand reached out and grabbed onto the nearest piece of furniture, the desk where Willas used to write. Using the desk to guide her to the nearest chair and letting her body slump down onto it without much grace. Her free hand reaching for the pair of rings that she now wore around her neck. Matching rings once worn by husband and wife.

And as she sat there, Dany heard a knock at the door. It caught her attention and she assumed it was likely a servant tending to her. Inhaling deeply she found the strength to rise to her feet. "Enter."
Jan 7 2018, 07:07 AM

Returning to Kings Landing was a depressing action for the newly widowed princess. After her initial grief and pain she fell into the typical depression that one experiences when loosing their husband. Though she had long accepted the fact that there was nothing that could be done. Willas was gone with the Stranger and she was left to walk among the living. She did not smile. She did not enjoy the hard won victory. In fact she did not associate with anyone other than Viserys and those that came to see him. She slept in his bed like she had once done when they were children or she slept next to Vaelyx. Her moods would only serve to put a damper on the hard work that the warrior had done to win their battle. When she was able to set her grief aside for a few moments she responded to ravens, planned the return of Willas' body to Highgarden, or looked towards her future. She had no indication of where her life was now headed. With a dead husband and no child in her womb, her stay at Highgarden was pointless. The idea of wedding Willas' younger brother, Garlan, had crossed her mind as a political move on Mace Tyrell's part but she doubted he would propose it. Dany had not provided children and thus Mace had little use of her. Plus Dany was unsure if she could ever open her heart the way she had with Willas to anyone ever again. Mentally she was constructing a wall around it that was meant to be impenetrable.

As soon as Viserys was well enough she begged him to take her back to Kings Landing. Together they mounted up Drax and Vaelyx to make the journey back across the Narrow Sea and towards home. There was no large welcome party since it was only the two of them. Dany preferred it that way as word of Willas' death had likely reached them. She walked with her eyes on the ground and quickly through the halls to her bed chambers. From there she crawled into her bed and slept a deep and silent sleep. Barely rousing for the servants that entered and left her chambers either with fresh food or drink or to ask if the princess needed anything. 'Princess Dany Targaryen". Her family name returned to her like an old familiar gown. The servants would not call her Targaryen openly to her face but she knew that sooner or later her old name would return. After a full day of rest, Dany finally rose from bed to take a warm bath and to dress in a gown for the first time in what felt like weeks. Between the stillbirth and riding off to war she had not felt the softness of such feminine apparel. Granted she selected black to show that she was in mourning. Her wedding ring and Willas' strung up on a gold chain together that hung around her neck. Her hand constantly touching it or reaching for it.

Eventually the time came for Dany to face the situation that was awaiting her in Highgarden. Watching the servants pack up Willas' belonging did nothing to improve her mood. They moved quickly to basically erase all traces of her husband. After an hour or so of watched, Dany could no longer take it. Leaving the room and walking through the hall until she could feel the sunlight on her cheeks. It was really the first time she had left her bedchambers since her initial arrival at Kings Landing yet she hoped to avoid people. A task that would be basically impossible. Where she moved she passed either a guard or a servant tending to their daily routine. Thankfully they paid her little mind, expect for the respectful bow. She hoped that they understood her need for solitude. She hoped that they did not take her actions personally as she was still in mourning. The simple black gown signified that along with her generally less than stellar appearance.

As she moved she found the gardens were she used to play as a child and where she and Willas first began their betrothal. He proposed in what would be considered an ancient manner by royal betrothal standards. He knelt down at her feet and offered her a gorgeous ring while begging for her to marry him. Even if the betrothal had been set in stone with paper and alliances, Willas still asked her. Something she appreciated and gladly said yes to him. They were in love ever since. Her grip on the rings around her neck tightened as she passed by the stop where it had happened. Quickly passing by until she found a more isolated area. Except the area that she had expected to be isolated was not. There was a woman there that Dany immediately knew as her brother's wife and Queen of Westeros. What was she supposed to do? Was this a situation that called for formally such as bowing and greeting her grace? She was at a loss. Dany was once again a princess. However before her was a Queen and her sister by law.

Deciding it was best to speak rather than be silent. "Good afternoon your grace." She said. "I am sorry if I am disturbing you. I thought this area to be isolated and quiet." Maybe she needed to reintroduce herself to the political aspect of court and such. Perhaps after the funeral. For now she could barely handle this social interaction. "I can leave you to your thoughts if you would prefer."
Dec 8 2017, 06:23 AM

The battle was over. The city had been taken. Building filled with flames and collapsed under the weight of the unsupported structures. The only sound that could be heard was the cry of the dragons. After completing a final circle of the city, Dany directed Vaelyx to land in on a large stone area. Some sort of former market place where Westeros soldiers were gathering. Their colors hard to make out until she slipped from the scaled back of her beast and onto the ground. Green and Gold colors. The Tyrell rose standing strong and eagerly she approached to find herself in the loving arms of her husband. They could be relieved now that the fight was over. They could move on with their lives. Willas was offered the role of Master of Laws on her brother's small council meaning that they would remain in Kings Landing for some time. Hopefully the relief of being home would help her to carry a child to term. Right now she was looking towards the future with excitement. But the look on the faces of the soldiers told me that something was not as it should have been. Her heart raced as she moved quickly through the crowd. They crowd parted until she found what awaited her at the center.

His once perfect and beautiful form was now mangled and cut. His uniform was stained with blood rather than the usual green and gold colors she was used to. And his chest was not raising or falling with each breath. There was no life in the body she came across. There was a moment of complete stupor. Had she not realized that this was the risk that she faced when entering war? Why had she let him come to fight in a battle that he had no reason to fight in? Why? The captain of the men around her was speaking to her but his voice was nothing but silence. Dany could not fathom what she had done for that long moment. Stupor quickly faded to the real grief that she felt.

In an instant she fell to her knees and felt her stomach turn to force its meager contents back up through her throat and onto the ground in front of her. The acid burned on its way up until there was none left to send forward. Her stomach continued to dry heave though between the sobs of agony that came from her. The grief she had felt before from the stillbirth of her child and the miscarriages that she had experienced were nothing in comparison to the pain she felt at this moment. Unsure if she could even expand her lungs to fill them with air. Her sobs turned into silence as she gasped for a long moment. The soldiers around her taking a step back to give the grieving princess room to mourn. Her knees and palms pressed hard against the stone ground. Her grief was unimaginable to one that had never lost someone that they loved so much. All she wanted was to tell him that she loved him one last time. Embrace him and feel his warm arms around her one last time. She felt such guilt over the strain in their relationship that would never be repaired.

The captain of the group of soldiers whispered to one and sent him off to find Viserys. The captain knew that nothing he could do would help but he was smart enough to know that the princess' brother would be the best route. He dismissed his men to tend to their assigned duties while he remained behind with the princess and the body of Willas Tyrell.

Crawling the distance between her and the body of her beloved. Her hands reached for his cold ones. Clutching them and holding them close to her. "Please... please..." She pleaded with whomever was listening in hopes that they would take pity on her. The Gods or someone had to be watching and they just had to listen. Behind her she could hear her dragon inching forward. He lay behind her and waited for her. A silent friend waiting to comfort one that was so heartbroken. Her tears did not cease. Dany moved in and wrapped her arms around him. "Please breath. Come back to me and breath. I would gladly let the Gods take all of the children from us if only I can have you in return. I don't know if I can live without you." She whispered to him as though he could hear her. She wanted him to know how much she loved him and how much he meant to her. She wanted the Seven to know that he was still very much needed in her life and she was willing to sacrifice for him. Nothing she said tempted them to return life to her husband.

Her sobs had quieted though she was still very much grieving the loss. Dany laid her head down on his chest and sobbed into the material. She refused to be moved from her spot. They would have to pry her away assuming that they could get past the wrath of her dragon. "Know that I love you. You deserved better than this. You deserved to live and to see the birth of children but instead I brought destruction down on you. Please forgive me." More whispers and pleas. Dany wanted his love. She wanted to hear him say it one more time. She was not ready for it to end like this.

Dec 5 2017, 04:17 PM

This dress was different from all of the others that she had previously worn. The color was more dramatic and the fabric fit her body more like a second skin. It displayed her womanly body with a modest taste as she was still innocent and naïve to the ways of her body. Her interactions with men had been limited to small moments and polite conversation under the watchful eye of either a septa, a lady in waiting or her ever vigilant mother. Rhaella knew that she could not keep her only daughter locked up on Dragonstone forever like a caged dragon that grew smaller and smaller with each passing generation. A dragon as meek and sized to be approximately that of a common cat would not serve the realm nor would it do the name of Targaryen justice. For Daenerys, so much had changed since that fateful morning almost four years ago. The morning when she woke up due to a strange pain like she required her chamber pot but instead there was blood on her sheets. No one had prepared her for it so she screamed which awoken most of the women on her wing. The septa that slept with her quickly rushing to her side to see the problem but then reassuringly stroking her cheek. The woman quietly whispered that now Dany was a woman and that this was such a blessing from the Mother that they needed to pray.

When the news reached Rhaella, she knew that it was time to introduce her daughter to court where she would one day be queen. Dany had always been told that she would marry Rheagar and become Queen of Westeros. It was a promise of things that would one day happen but that day had seemed so far away. The move from Dragonstone had been a reminder of things to come, although the wedding day remained distant. Her mother told her that there were other steps to be taken first which included introducing her to court, getting her familiar with the various aspects of court and ruling and introducing her to the people she would one day rule. There was no rush to the alter but she always felt almost without a purpose after arriving at Kings Landing. Her arrival in Kings Landing was announced with plenty of festivities and feasts but she rarely was able to see Rheagar.

Until now...

Sitting before the mirror, she watched as the servants tended to her silver hair to style it with braids. One even took the time to place a bit of rogue on the apple of her pale cheeks as well as rub some of the rogue onto her lips. Out of the corner of her eye she could see her mother sitting and watching. The room was quiet minus the hustle and bustle of the women working on. As they finished, Dany stood up and smoothed out her dress. "The dress fits you well. Do you like it?" Her mother's voice cut through the silence. "Yes. Although I feel very..." She couldn't quite articulate what she was thinking. The low cut of the top revealed her breasts but she did not fear falling out while the material hugged her hips. "Very much like a Queen and soon to be wife." Her mother said, speaking quickly to correct and guide her lost daughter. "Now is the time where you must embrace your womanhood. Your brother shall be your husband so now he must see you as his wife in all regards." There was a certain emphasis placed on 'in all regards'. The talk of sex always brought a blush of embarrassment to her cheeks. This time was no different. Quickly looking away from her mother to hide her childish embarrassment. There was another moment of silence before her mother announced that it was time to leave and Dany followed at her mother's side through the halls and down the corridors.

The servants had prepared and placed their midday meal in Dany's favorite place in the garden. It was a small balcony with views of the seas and of the below them with flowers growing around and interweaving with the trellis. It was secluded and private. Granted they would not be granted any privacy until their wedding night. Dany had until then to get rid of her childish embarrassment towards sex. Behind Dany and Rhaella were the usual heard of women that had been assigned to protect the princess. Two Septas, several ladies in waiting, a servant and a member of the Kings Guard for added security. Her brother Viserys had been appointed to the Kings Guard within the last year and had proudly served the realm. It was most often him that Dany requested as they had once been best friends as children. Never alone though. Dany had never really ever been alone. Maybe a handful of times but only after the room had been inspected and then someone (of the female gender) remained at the door. "Mother... I know that we will not be granted alone time but may we enjoy our midday meal without you or the rest of court lingering in such quarters?" The question was contemplated as though it were the most important matter in the entire realm. "Alright... Septa NAME shall be seated at the entrance but I shall dismiss myself and the rest of your ladies." It was quite the fair offering and Dany smiled with happiness.

They moved from the keep out to the grounds and then through the gardens to the appointed location. As they approached Rhaella kissed her daughter's forehead before dismissing all but one of the septas. Finally she was able to continue on the path "by herself". It was only a few more feet until she reached the entrance. Her gaze slowly traveling up from the ground to the man that was awaiting her.

He had arrived before her and she hoped that he had not been waiting long. But the mere sight of him made her nervous and unsure. What was she supposed to call him? His official title was king so should she call him 'your grace'? At the same time he was also her big brother and her future husband so maybe a less formal name should be used when she addressed him? In all previous interactions she had always called him 'your grace' but that was all of the previous times. This was the start of something new between them. Dany was a woman of a certain age. Although it had not been confirmed she highly suspected that this would begin their engagement and preparations for a wedding would soon follow. Even though she had been so sheltered, Dany was smarter than she might have appeared. She saw how the women tracked the cycle of her moon blood and how the taste of her tea had changed. They were likely prepping her body for bearing children.

"My apologies your grace." She said as she dipped into a formal curtsey for him. Deciding that a formal greeting was the correct way to approach the situation until the King gave her permission to be less formal. "I hope that I you have not been waiting long." Polite like any person of the court would be. Dany had been well trained in manners. Like a good future wife she waited for his response and his direction for how they would conduct the rest of this interaction.

Sep 26 2017, 04:04 PM

As the sun set and the sky darkened, Dany found herself laying in the comforts of her husband's arms and the softness of a bed meant for a princess. Her eyelids had grown heavy with the days events and sleep came as easily as laying her head down on the pillow. She barely even felt Willas place his arm across her and pull her in close to his body yet she still knew that he was there. He was always there for her. Pulling her in one direction even if he did not mean to while her eldest brother pulled her in another. Both asked of her and she wanted to please both but she could not. Her duty as wife was clear. Her duty as a dragonrider was clear. Her duty to her family was clear. Her duty to the realm was clear. Which took precedence was not. It was clear that she could not sit by while the realm burned. She would mount Vaelyx and ride off with the fellow dragonriders in order to protect her home. It was her duty to the realm which ultimately drove her to fight despite her delicate state. This became an unspoken thing between husband and wife as it only lead to fighting. They both knew she had to stand with her family yet they both longed for this child. A child that had survived when other had not. The conflict that should have kept her awake at night to toss and turn but instead her body was weak and exhausted from the strain.

And as she fell into a deep sleep her subconscious began to reflect the conflict that brewed within her. She faced Vaelyx in the dragon pit. He stood tall and mighty with black wings spread out. There was heat in his belly that she could feel radiating towards her. He was going to cover her in flames. Should she run? No. She had no reason to be scared of her dragon. Daenerys was the blood of dragons. Planting her feet firmly in front of her dragon while looking up at him. Neither backing down for the longest time. The heat still growing in Vaelyx's body. Finally he lowered his head to her. Letting his wings fall to the ground so that she could climb onto his back like she normally did. However this time was different. That heat warmed his flesh and burnt her thighs and lower region as she sat on him. At first it was just uncomfortable but then it grew hotter. Hot to the point where it actually pulled her from her sleep. Dany quickly sat up and drew her hands into her stomach. Even in the darkness of the room she knew something was wrong. Jerking herself into a seated position on the bed until she was taken by a wave of pain that felt like it was ripping her in half. Her movements woke Willas who promptly saw to her before running into the hall calling for the servants to get the maester.

The pain did not seem to cease. Dany leaned forward until her knees were up by her chest and screamed out with the pain. Of course she knew what was happening. The Mother had no mercy for her. She was torn between wanting to beg for this child's life and knowing that it was better this way. To ride into war while carrying a child was not best for the child. Of course she was pained with guilt for even considering that the Gods were just doing what she needed. Eventually she stopped screaming and gave into sobbing. Willas sat with her until the maester and the septas arrived. Even standing in the corner of the room while they tended to her. Dany felt lifeless. She felt empty inside. She drank whatever potion the maester gave her and just closed her eyes to let it pass.

By the time the sun was breaking on the horizon the septas were busy clearing away bloody sheets. The child had left her body with no real deformity or evidence as to why it could not have survived. Neither Dany nor Willas longed to look at it or know much about it. The fact was that it had not come from her womb screaming. It had come quietly as though it were asleep. The septas and maester did nothing for it as nothing could be done. Eventually it too was taken from their bedchambers. While her husband longed to comfort his wife, Dany did not want it. She turned away from him and then listened to his foot steps as they left the room. Alone and still processing her feelings towards the loss. It was not as painful as before. Pain was instead replaced by guilt as though she wanted this to happen because she needed to support her brother's war. Did her own thoughts make this come true? For a long while Dany wondered if she was even fit to be a mother.

It was then that she heard the cries from the dragon pit off in the distance. Screams from Vaelyx as though he were calling out to her. Reminding her that she was, in fact, a mother. Despite the pain and blood she rose from the bed. Crossing her chamber to the window where she could best see the dragons. Vaelxy was on his usual perch which gave her a lovely view of the dragon. Their eyes met for a moment and he calmed down. He was ready to go to war with his fellow beasts. Sadly Dany was ready now too. Like before, the pain would fade with time. As of now it was still fresh. Her cheeks were still stained with old and fresh tears. Her eyes were still red from sobbing and her mind was still fuzzy from the potions that had been given to help ease the pain and passing. Her lower body was still tensing and bleeding. Her blood would stain various things but there was nothing she could do but move on. More tears fell on her cheeks as she continued to watch Vaelyx. The dragon was restless and eager for her to come to him. He wanted to be mounted and ridden into war where he could release fire into the masses. Dany had always known that her dragon was meant to protect Westeros and its inhabitants. Now she needed to prepare herself for that fight. Her hand was placed on her stomach which was still swollen though slightly less than it was before. In her mind she still wondered if motherhood was an achievable dream or if she could even love her own child enough. It was difficult to admit that she had not loved this child as she knew it could never be. Not while war came.

Motherhood was all that she had ever wanted but no child deserved a mother like her. Vaelyx would be her only and Willas would have to accept that if he loved her. Willas would never have an heir as a dragon could not rule lands. But Dany loved her dragon as though he had come from her. They were apart of one another. Dany was a mother to a powerful black scaled dragon. It was still motherhood just not the kind that she had been imagining since she was a child.
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