It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has been declared on the Stepstones, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Dec 26 2017, 04:38 PM
hey all, turns out the holidays have a lot of socializing and shit wrapped up in them. I'm travelling in a few days to visit family and in the meantime have to get a feature shipped by sunday so I'm in a bit of personal crunch time at the moment. I'm going to try my best to get replies to everyone by the end of the 29th (there's a lot of air and car travel between now and then) but then I'll probably be incognito until I'm back on the 2nd. Hope everyone has a great new years!
Dec 19 2017, 01:09 AM

The days and nights since Rhaegar told Jon of his son's death in the Stormlands had not been easy. Desmond needed a funeral, and mourning, and Jon's wife and daughter would be waiting in Griffin's Roost with their grief. He had to return to them, so he did, arranging for his office to be well managed in his absence, and boarding a ship home. He was glad Griffin's Roost was so near the coast, for he couldn't imagine the fitful days of riding he would have been forced to endure in a longer journey. For much of the journey he wept alone in his cabin, and he was so wracked with quiet sobs that his whole body ached by the time he disembarked his ship and rode the fifteen miles to his ancestral seat. The crew carefully did not look at him. They knew he was the Hand and a Lord and doubtless wanted to spare him the embarrassment. And so what if his eyes were red and his ruddy complexion was pale, and his expression haggard? What one of them would be any different a few days after the death of a grown son? Jon did not spare thoughts to what stories might spread of his reaction. All he could think of was his family.

For once Jon didn't hope to avoid Laycee upon his return. Whatever else she was to him, his wife had given him three beautiful children and raised them well in his absence. He had taken Desmond away from her, and now he was dead. Jon owed her whatever he could give, no matter how difficult. And besides. No one else could possible understand what it was to lose their boy. She was his mother, and loved him as much as Jon had.

Jon's cousin met him as he rode into the keep's curtain walls, and with no preamble let Jon know where his wife was. In her chambers, as she had been since the Raven which had arrived two days prior. Jon nodded, his heart heavy. Perhaps they could be good for each other, this once. Perhaps they could mourn as parents, and set aside the weight of the life he had forced on her. Jon circled to the kitchens, where the cook nearly did herself an injury to see him in her domain. He was home rarely enough that he didn't mind, and left again a few minutes later with a hot tisane the cook said Laycee liked.

He knocked on her chamber doors softly when he reached them.

"Laycee? It is Jon. I'm coming in," he announced gently. He didn't ask if she wanted him, knowing the answer was probably no. Still. The cook said she hadn't been eating. At least he could get her to take some tea. Jon opened the door slowly, stepped inside, and shut it again. His wife. Poor unfortunate woman.
Dec 18 2017, 09:40 PM

It was a happy day. The war was over, the kingdoms reunited, and Jon ruled at Rhaegars side. The management of Westeros had its challenges, but today was one of celebration, and the two childhood friends were allowing themselves some rest at the tournament. Jon didn't bother to compete when Arthur and Rhaegar were in the lists. He had tried himself against the pair of them more than enough times over the years, and he had no desire to get flattened by one of them in front of an audience, or to nurse an aching body for days afterwards. He was a knight, a capable commander, and back in the Stormlands only Robert Baratheon could regularly best him in the lists, and he felt no need to prove himself against people who didn't hold a candle to his lifelong companions. Besides, Rhaegar's young squire had desired so sorely to compete, so Jon had easily volunteered to take his place in armoring and attending to Rhaegar during the tournament.

Jon didn't think overmuch about his other reasons. He was rarely in company with Rhaegar in a state of undress anymore. As boys they had jumped into the Narrow Sea and trained and bathed in the practice court's baths often enough. They had less time for such things now, and Jon would take his quiet moments alone with Rhaegar where he could get them. They were a balm; one which he sorely wished he didn't need, but a balm nonetheless.

He was plainly dressed in dark green which cooled the red of his hair well enough and made his eyes look a bit brighter. That's what Elia had told him when they first started talking on good terms. She was always full of advice on how to calm his coloring. All red, she had accused when he lost his temper around her, which was true enough. He'd always been too pale to hide a flush. He was neat in appearance, and a glance in a mirror had even sparked the thought handsome in his mind for a moment, but not elaborate or courtly. If Rhaegar had needed real help in the lists, there was no need to destroy something costly.

Rhaegar prevailed of course, as he usually did in such trials, and he was laughing and smiling as they walked back to his tent. Jon was smiling to- he always did when he saw Rhaegar happy, and his mind couldn't help but remember the last tournament they had gathered at. Harrenhall had begun so many fated paths in their life that the event was never long from Jon's mind. He mulled on the events of that day, turning them over bit by bit in his mind as first he took Rhaegar's helm, and then his gauntlets. As he worked the straps holding Rhaegar's pauldron's in place, Jon let his thoughts take shape.

"It is good to see you so happy of late Rhaegar. Love suits you well enough that I could almost be jealous," he disclosed with a quiet laugh. Jon was notoriously opposed to being married, and his female friends were limited to Lyanna and Elia before her. His friends had asked him why and he always pointed to his duties as Hand. What room for a wife in his life with such responsibilities? The truth was not so easy.
Dec 16 2017, 10:21 PM

My dear Dany,

There is nothing useful I can write you at a time like this. I was so sorry to hear of Willas' passing into the Stranger's care. This war has exacted cruel tolls and I would have done much to know you would be free of them. It is a rare joy to know love, and all the more painful when that love passes out of reach. I only wish I could be of comfort to you, but I hope you know that if you choose to return to King's Landing I will be waiting only behind your brothers to fold you into a hug. The wounds are too deep now to do anything but mourn, and I hope you will be gentle with yourself. Us mortals have no sway with who the gods take into their embrace. We can only try to bend to their whims without breaking.

Please don't tax yourself to write if such things are difficult, but know you may ask any favor of my you like, as always. I will be your steadfast companion on whatever path you must walk to find peace, dear one.

Yours sincerely,

Jon Connington

Dec 7 2017, 12:02 PM
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Bwah, BWAH, WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT!!! LU HAS A CHARACTER, and there will be more to come probably.

<p><b>Jon Connington</b>, 40, Sam Heughan, Hand of the King, Lord of Griffin's Roost


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-1' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-1'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Jon Connington</h1><h2>40, Sam Heughan, Hand of the King</h2></div><div class="two">

Oh man. Jon thinks of himself as a very boring dad, but that's just because he's used to the shitshow that is his life. He runs the realm alongside Rhaegar, and he's really good at it. He's gay and super in love with Rhaegar, much to his own chagrin not to mention that of his neglected wife. His son just died and he's about two ticks away from completely losing his cool. He's got really high standards for friendship which, yanno, happens when your first important friend is Rhaegar Targaryen, but even when he's aloof he's generally not rude. He keeps away from pretty men, mostly, because he keeps trying to be a good husband, and also no one lives up to Rhaegar. But don't let all this talk of loving the king fool you. Jon is super competent and has been glue for the Kingdom for these past twenty years. He's doubtless been in close contact with all the Lords Paramount and their families, has stiff relations with anybody who might have tried to undermine Rhaegar's rule, and despite all the whispers has never taken a lover in his life, so. <p>

His son just died so his once infamous temper is back and crackling on a very short fuse, and he's about to lose it and finally fess up to his wife that he's not into women. After that he's probably going to take a lover- and trust me it'll be weird and fraught. His romantic life has been on hold since 18, what do you expect?<p>

Idk man, he's the Hand and the quickest way to understand Rhaegar or get on the King's radar, and one of the most powerful people in the realm. I'm sure we can come up with a reason for most characters to interact with him. <p>


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