It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Jun 24 2018, 03:26 PM
Hi Friends,

So, as some of you may know, life has been throwing every single curveball my way. From the crap going on at work (check the discord) to planning on visiting the future hubs (havent seen him in over a month), and finding out that one of my favorite peoples in the WORLD got diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, its been pretty rough.

This week will be more of the same, especially since there was a train derailment with crude oil that is going to be taken to our lab for analysis, and then friday - monday being when im with Devin, i'm just posting here for a general update of where Im at and that things should be calming down after the 4th and let me get my replies in (I have random sections of different posts done for her, but not one completed cause oooppss).


May 6 2018, 08:39 PM
She had heard what the newest member of House Targaryen had done, and while some may whisper kinslayer in the wake of Lorainna Targaryen, Ysera couldn't help but give the new Queen some respect. After all, having to have your own father killed to protect others, to protect your new husband, his family, and his people who may never truly trust you? And to witness it before your very eyes? The woman had steel, that is for sure.

Especially with how Matarys and his siblings were treating her, for Ysera was well aware of Matarys thoughts on his fathers remarriage. It was possibly the first time she had witnessed her husband actively disliking someone, and not even pretending to like his step-mother. Though Ysera did understand Matarys point of view, for the new Queen was only a year older than Matarys, which was rather disturbing to focus in on. And she can't fully understand what he was going through with his fathers new marriage, for her own father had never remarried after her mothers death and Ysera knew herself enough to know that if her father had remarried a girl near her own age there would have been blood split at Kingsgrave.

But the King has a new Queen, and there was no going back now. Therefore, Ysera was the one to extend the olive branch to the new Queen, to offer an invite to meet in one of the garden pavillions through one of her ladies in waiting. Thank the Seven that the sun was out in full force, allow Ysera to relax in her chair and to enjoy its warmth. Her injuries were still healing, her arm and ribs still wrapped and in a sling to allow them to heal. That had been dreadful, when the Maesters had to reset her shoulder, and she was rather thankful that King Rhaegar had been there to offer words that she was sure her own father would have offered if he were still alive.

And what more, with her ribs being wrapped as they are, it meant she was free to not wear a corset or any sort. Thank the Old Gods and the New!

There was Tyrosh honeyfingers and pepperwine, with pale green nectars and blood oranges to snack upon as they chatted. A little bit of something from the Queens old home, and a little of her new. Well, part of her new, for Ysera was definitely one to put Dornish foods before that of the North. She did not care what Matarys said - Dornish food was far superior than food of the North. She opened one eye as she heard footsteps approaching, and smiled when she saw it was Lorainne. She couldn't really stand up and curtsy as one would expect her to, but given the circumstances she was sure the new Queen would understand. Instead, she bowed with her head, and indicated towards the seat with her.

"I had figured who better to officially welcome you to to the family than the one who joined only shortly before yourself." She greeted the queen, not bothering with the pretty words that some may expect for a wife of a Targaryen prince. She was injured and tired and didn't bloody care what others thought of her. "Matarys and the others will come around, once everything settles down after the trial." She huffed with a wave of her good hand, before reaching for one of the green nectars to eat, watching the new queen with dark, critical eyes. "How are you holding up, your grace?"
May 6 2018, 06:09 PM
The dragonpit was a mighty structure to behold, for it truly had to be to be able to house the dragons of the Targaryen royal family. They were huge creatures, and terrifying at first meeting, but when one is married to a Targaryen, you grow used to them. At least, that is how Ysera felt about them. For when Matarys came to live in Dorne, so came Yraenyx. There was some initial worry by those in the area, unnerved by having the silvery dragon flying overhead and possibly burning down their keeps in their sleep, but once everyone realized that Yraenyx was not like that, he had become simply a familiar presence to the mountains bordering Dorne.

Ysera watched the silver scaled dragon as he was being cared for by the handlers of the dragonpit, dark eyes making sure that all was right. With Matarys having been so injured in the war, as soon as she was able to Ysera found herself visiting the dragonpit to check on her husbands dragon. The two of them were still learning to get along with one another, and some days were better than others. A few times she had been able to touch Yraenyx, to stroke his scales like she had seen Matarys do, though she dared not do anything further without Matarys nearby to calm Yraenyx. Certainly she has been hesitant to even fly on Yraenyx with Matarys, and given how shortly they have been married and then sent into battle, there hadn't been much opportunity for such things.

She watched the dragons from a careful distance, dark eyes glancing over them all when a yell went out that Prince Aegon and Aemithor had returned from their flight. She watched as the mightest of the dragons, with his blood red scales and black horns, returned to the dragonpit. And with him, looking so very small in comparrison to his dragon, was Aegon.

The blood of Elia Martell, may she rest in peace, flowed through his veins, and while he had the looks of his Targaryen ancestors Ysera could see traces of his Dornish ancestry. Perhaps that is why, during the fighting to reach the inner city, she had all but thrown herself infront of him to keep him from harm. For it had been his capture that had caused Ysera and Matarys speedy marriage, for should anything have happened to Aegon and then to Visenya and their unborn child, it would be Matarys and Ysera who would become first in line for the Iron Throne. Something Ysera most definitely did not want, something that she knew Matarys did not want either. She wanted her now goodbrother to live a long and happy life, with plenty of sons who will keep Matarys and herself far from the throne and allow them to live in peace in Dorne.

"How was your flight?" She called out to her goodbrother as he descended from his dragon, approaching carefully as to not upset Aemithor or any of the other dragons present. The two of them haven't had a proper conversation since before Ysera was married to his brother, and even before then there was a significant lack of contact due to one situation after another. But now, with the halfman Lannister captured and everyone home and healing, surely now was the time to strengthen the bonds between family members.
May 6 2018, 03:20 PM
She awoke in a sweat, paralyzed in her bed by phantom pains that lingered in her body. In the coming days of the halfmans trial, her dreams proved to be no escape from the world and instead seemed to find a dangerous joy in making her relive those moments where she had been nearly killed. The roar of a dragon overhead that had caused her to look up, just to witness the debris raining down upon her like rain. The pain, the fear - no wonder she had woken up in such a state. Her heart felt like it was going to burst from her chest, or at the very least break what ribs that hadn't been damaged in the fighting, and she was covered in a thin layer of sweat that brought a chill to her.

Once free from her paralyzed state she sat up, double checking her surroundings to make sure she was truly safe. Well, as safe as one can be in the Red Keep, for at least there she knew that there was some protection as the gooddaughter of the King. That, and should anything happen to her the royal family would certainly avenge her, and if not them her brothers would. But still, she was safe in the chambers given to her when the Maesters wished for she and Matarys to sleep apart from one another while Matarys healed from his injuries. They had been apparently fearful that, if she had slept in the same bed as her husband, she would use her feminine willies and Dornish nature to seduce her poor husband and possibly further prolong his healing. She had to dig her nails into the palms of her hands to keep herself from laughing right in their faces, though the moment they had left she and Matarys alone she howled with laughter.

And at first, she had been alright with this arrangement for it allowed both she and Matarys time to heal independently and with plenty of bedspace to sleep in. And with Matarys being a rather early riser than Ysera, it meant that she wasn't woken up from him getting out of bed. Though she did miss his warmth, especially with them being so far North of Dorne, for he did keep her warm at night. That, and actually spending time at the end of the day with him. The last judge for the trial had arrived, and with so many people in Kings Landing she and Matarys hadn't had much time together, and with seperate chambers they hadn't even been able to end their long days with one another. She didn't know his thoughts on his grandfather, Lord Stark of Winterfell, sending one of his cousins in his stead, and Matarys certainly didn't know her feeling of guilt and active avoidance of Princess Arianne for not having been able to protect her brother.

She stared at the opposite side of the bed for a moment, mentally thinking things over, before obviously deciding she didn't care what others thought, got out of the bed and left her chambers.

Luckily, Matarys rooms was right next to hers, so the walk wasn't a long one though she still struggled with her leg. At least her face wasn't swollen anymore, and her bruises were all but gone. She quietly snuck into her husbands rooms, though the guards who were stationed at the doors had only given her a knowing look, as though they were expecting her to ravish her husband for them to hear. She had fought the temptation to smack that stupid look off of their faces, and once the door was closed behind her, she let out a huff of air before setting her sights on the bed, to her husband.

He looked far better than he had been weeks ago, and for that she thanked the Old Gods and the New. Peaceful in his slumber, Ysera couldn't help but smile softly at him as she attempted to get into bed. That smile, however, turned into a frown at realizing just how much bloody room Matarys was taking up of the bed. She attempted to push him over to his side, to allow her space to crawl in, but that wasn't quite working in her favor. With another huff of air, Ysera leaned over him to speak to him. "Matarys....Matarys, move over. I can't get into bed." She whispered into his ear, loud enough for him to hopefully hear and bloody move over so she could fit and not entirely wake up or panic.

The last thing they needed was to wake up the entire keep just because she wanted to sleep in the same bed as her husband.

May 6 2018, 01:49 PM
Since their return to Westeros, Ysera was rarely seen without the company of one of her brothers. With Matarys on bed rest and Ysera being too restless to stay confined to her chambers, it resulted in her brothers chasing her around the keep to make sure she didn't injure herself further. Well, mostly that was Mors, who had fretted over her as soon as he knew that she was going to make a full recovery. Dickon, on the other hand, assisted her in getting here and there and at the very least kept her entertained.

Currently, she was brushing out Belarius with Dickons helping with Emillia, while ignoring Mors as he went on and on about court politics and the upcoming trial for the dwarf that had caused so much bloodshed. Had caused Ysera countless injuries that she still felt the side effects of, and had nearly killed her Matarys. For while she may not be in love with her husband, Ysera did find herself warming up to him and, at the very least, become rather protective of him. She was rather stuck with him, so might as well make this marriage work, so to say. And therefore, in hearing Mors talking about the halfman and flashes of Matarys, clinging to life while witnessing the whites of his eyes, was only infuriating her.

"He shouldn't even get a trial." Ysera growled darkly, interrupting her brother as she petted Belarius with her hand, feeling some tingling and prickling where the Maesters said she would have nerve damage. Which simply added more fuel to her firey anger. "He should be destroyed before he puts anyone else in danger." The sooner Tyrion Lannister met the Stranger the better it will be for everyone else, in this Ysera was certain. "Ysera, you know there must be a tria-" Dickon had started to say, but just like with Mors Ysera cut him off, her voice raising. "You bloody well know that this trial is a bloody waste of time! Time for his allies will use to either try to free him or seek to harm us even more than they have! It would be better to kill him quickly, before anything else can happen!"

This trial was only to serve the purpose of remembering all the death and pain the Lannister dwarf had caused, to open up the wounds once more. To make Valarr remember how he had been harmed, and sweet Alea remember that she had been the target of the attack and how her mother, the Dornish Ashara Dayne, had also been attacked and forced into widowhood. Then there was the capture of her goodbrother Aegon, son of Princess Elia Martell, and all the indirect harm and deaths caused in the capture of the dwarf. When Ysera had heard of Quentyn Martells death, she had cried. For she had nearly died to protect the son of Princess Elia Martell, but had failed to protect the son of Prince Doran and Ariannes brother. Dornish blood had been spilt too much over the halfman, and therefore he must die.

"Ysera-" A pale-faced Mors tried to speak, and all he got in return was Belarius's brush thrown at his head. "My Matarys almost died because of this dwarf! I almost died, crushed to death like an ant underfoot, or did you forget that brother?!" Ysera didn't care if she was screeching at her brothers, or if anyone else witnessed this. Everyone knew by now how Ysera was not a sweet lady and was the fire to her husbands ice, and this certainly would confirm such a thing. "As soon as that dwarf dies, I'm taking my husband back home and keeping him there where he'll be safe and who bloody knows, maybe once we're away from Kings Landing we'll be able to spend time with one another and produce children!" With how quickly they were wedded and then sent into war, Ysera had thought it wise to drink some moon tea after the wedding night to delay any production of children within her, to allow her focus to be fully on the war at hand. Now with it gone, surely she wouldn't need it any longer and once her husband was healed....

She looked to her brothers, and was puzzled by their bowing for a moment, before her eyes widened as the realization hit her and she turned around and saw her goodfather, the King. Her second thought, after mentally swearing to herself, was annoyance at her brothers for not bloody telling her that Rhaegar Targaryen had been behind her and most likely hearing all of her venom and anger. That anger and fire, that only moments before had filled her veins, had vanished quickly, and no true words escaped her lips. She felt like a child who had been caught red handed.
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