It is currently WINTER in WESTEROS during the year 303 AC. The new moon cycle marks a full twenty years since the Mad King was murdered, and his son King Rhaegar ascended the Iron Throne in his place. Though the year is fresh, war in the Narrow Sea has left the Free Cities of Volantis and Tyrosh in ashes, and the Long Night continues to beckon from the Northern fringes of the Seven Kingdoms. With the Queen Lyanna presumed dead, the citizens of the realms look only to each other for survival.
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Jul 13 2018, 10:29 PM
So, the Army has decided we are going away until mid August. I know this is terribly inconvenient and I will understand if you delete my guy here (though I hope you won't!). I will be back and hopefully I can either reactivate him or pick up where I left off!

Thanks for understanding.

May 24 2018, 11:55 AM
Unlike his brother or his brother in law, Tycen knew that once he was wed, then a large part of his freedom was over. The reputation of a House with opened legs would end with him. Tycen had no intention of furthering this sullied name by being a lecherous or unfaithful man. House Lannister had enough problems than to have Tycen pile on to them with more rumours, more reasons to doubt his once proud house. The younger members were usually allowed to use their youth to play. Jaime had, obviously. Tywin had given the house stability. He was loyal, strict, firm, unquestionable. Unimpeachable. Tycen must be the same if he was to bring them back from the shame and disorganization Jaime and Tyrion had brought them.

Sansa at least had that to look forward to. She would never feel the embarrassment that Alea had with her lord husband. Her new house would not be tarnished with scandal and her lord husband would not make her look a fool to the rest of the world. At the moment, this was more for honour than love, if he was honest. How could he love her, he barely knew her? He wasn't some starry eyed boy, though one would be taken with her. He valued intelligence over all. In the end, Sansa'a beauty would fade, as would his own. If her mind was not sharp, what would they have left? He had an idea that she did posses some intellect but that she might be too meek to show it.

No matter, she would come out of her shell once she was more comfortable with him. As rational as ever though, the time it would take to get a level of comfort between them annoyed him. She needed to be brought into the fold nonetheless, he needed to determine how much he could trust her, and how much to involve her in his every day activities.

Arranging a late break of the fast with all things he assumed ladies loved to eat, he has told her the evening previously to expect to be summoned at this time. Fruit was the largest pick of the table, a great array of sweet and tart brightly colored harvest to choose from. Two bowls of grain porridge boiled in milk awaited to be doctored up with sugar and fruit. Fish sat at the center, light and flaky with bread surrounding it. He was proud of the spread he had chosen and his servants had laid out. He hoped Sansa saw the effort he had put in and opened up.

He looked up from his parchments as her arrival was announced. Standing, he held a hand out to guide her to her cushioned seat, the setting arranged on his terrace which was highly decorated with lush plants that drank up the sunlight that shone today. To keep them warm in the chilled weather, a small fire was lit by each chair.

"I hope this is to your liking, Lady Sansa." He spoke the first words, inviting her to join him in conversation.
May 18 2018, 03:54 PM
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<h1><west>Lord Tycen Lannister</west></h1>
<h2>19 years old. Ty. Westerlands. Valentin D'Hoore.</h2>
<h3>Sabine. 28. Central. PM.</h3>
<div class="maincontents scroll">

<div class="genhead">Privilege of a Lion</div>
<div class="gensmall">History</div>
So much so that he hardly understands the harder ways of life. There is no excuse for failure, not when men are capable of great things. He has the mentality that if he can do it, anyone can. Weakness is no acceptable. He has little use for pampered nobles and understands the irony of his own cushioned upbringing. He feels he has risen above this and can face anything, any hardship and any problem and looks down on those who cannot.
Tycen devoured books as a boy. Filling his mind with the education of a nobleman was always his first priority and he certainly had the access to do so. As his mind grew, he might have been perfectly content to read his whole life away, travel and learn new things, and simply enjoy a cerebral life. However, he knew who he was and understood that he had to cultivate his mind and body. Swordplay, archery, and hand to hand combat are among his lessons growing up, insisted on by Tywin and always compared to Jaime. Tycen fell short of his big brother physically, but he was not exactly a failure. Jaime is a difficult name to live up to when it came to war games.
When the real war games came with the Tyrosh War, Tycen's brains were put to the test in these battles as he worked with the generals on strategy, learning the ins and outs of war. Tybolt, Jaime's son, wanted a hero's legacy in battle and it cost him his life. It was the first time in his life that Tycen felt loss but it would not be the last.
The pressure never came from Jaime though and the two sparred together many times, Tycen learning the most from his big brother. The brother's suffered the loss of their father in an unexpected tragedy, an unexpected murder to be more precise, with their own brother Tyrion as the main suspect. Things did not get better for their House. Tycen's mother was attacked and nearly killed and his sister also suffered an attempt on her life. Once he had learned all he could and saw that Casterly Rock suffered under his free spirited brother's rule, Tycen began to use their closeness in order to help Jaime rule. This turned into simply wishing to rule himself which took shape in a plan to remove Myrcella as a potential heir. The attacks on House Lannister were what put the fiery desire in Tycen to rule Casterly Rock. He would make sure to return respect and honor to the House was restored and that no one would dare act against them without the fear of great retribution.
It was a risky and unpopular plan, but Rodrik Greyjoy and Tycen planned a marriage pact behind the backs of their elders and Lords. Myrcella and Rodrik Greyjoy are now legally engaged to be married in a well thought out and perfectly timed plot. This ruined any relationship he had with Jaime, but by then, Tycen didn't care. Their father had been murdered, presumably by Tyrion, the news a shock to the family. There was great suspicion that Jaime tended to look the other way when it came to Tyrion only served to shake everyone's trust in him. Had he ignored the clues of Tyrion's future murderous acts? Afterwards, misfortune kept visiting the Lannisters under Jaime's authority and Tycen wasn't the only one to lose faith in their Lord. This resulted in more of their subjects turning to Tycen for the management of Casterly Rock.
His own wedding vows are not too far away as the Starks and his mother betrothed the comely Sansa Stark to House Lannister through Tycen. He has few complaints about it. Sansa seems intelligent enough and the match is a good one. He worries that she will not be a conversationalist that he desires but he knows his place well enough that she will be viewed worthy, drawing attention toward this powerful House making ties with the Lannisters rather than their comings as short as Tyrion.
With Myrcella safely placed out of the way, and in a way where she would not be terribly unhappy, Tycen found he was one step closer to being the Lord of Caterly Rock. Tyrion had sealed his own fate and, even innocence couldn't save him. The Seven Kingdoms believe him guilty, and any sort of mercy on the part of House Lannister would be seen as even more weakness. Tycen plans to strike hard against the dwarf who is now a symbol of treachery and vows that he will not become a symbol of Lannister failure. It is also quite convenient that Tyrion also might have stood in the way of Tycen's claim to lordship, a perk in an otherwise tragic event is that Tyrion's trial and sentence is clearing Tycen's path even more. Still playing the dutiful servant to Jaime and Casterly Rock, he has yet to claim what he wants aloud and will certainly do his best to manipulate the situation so one or many do the claiming for him.

<div class="genhead">Blood of a Lion</div>
<div class="gensmall">Family</div>
There is nothing greater than family. True to his looks, he favoured his mother in affection as well and she is the exception to every rule. She could be weak or hurt or unable to pick herself up and Tycen would never think less of her. Everything she did was gold and every mistake she made was forgivable. He is not ashamed of favouring her, loving one’s mother is only natural and it’s a silly thing men do when they hide their affections. There are limits, of course, he will not show her physical affection in the court or public, but he will defend her to anyone who is deserving of a good tongue lashing. His sister earns nearly the same regard as their mother, though her silly heart is an annoyance to her older brother at times, despite the fact that she is the only one who can lighten him up.
His brothers and sisters were there and he was fond enough of them as a child, though not of the rumours that surrounded Jaime and Cersei. Tyrion was smart and well read so the young boy looked up to him, figuratively speaking anyway. Still, it was fairly clear, and not just by his dark complexion and features, that he was an outsider as far as the first round of Lannister children were concerned. This might be why he was so close to his mother, that and Tywin clearly never truly let his first wife go. Tycen never truly resented this, but since Ashara was always first in his own mind, it was a difficult bone to swallow that they were considered second. Thankfully, Cersei was gone from Casterly Rock by the time Tycen was born or else he might have gotten the same treatment that Tyrion had suffered at her hands as an infant. Unlike his much louder and ever prattling elder siblings, Tycen says less than he hears. It became clear in this way, by listening and observing, that they had some very fatal flaws.
Tywin, though firm and sometimes harsh, never looked upon his new children as less than his first. In fact, it seemed to Tycen that Tywin sometimes favoured the fact that his youngest son took his studies and his duties more seriously than Jaime. When his father was found murdered, Tycen felt deep loss. It turned him harder this time though, whereas Tybolt's death had hurt him deeply. It instilled a deep sense of duty in him and a cynical sense that everyone around him could die. Despite the training he got from his big brother, Tycen saw Jaime's flaws and it only served to make them drift apart.
Only two years older than his nephew, Tybolt was far more like a brother growing up. The two could fight like rabid dogs and be best friends an hour later. Put Alea in the middle of them and both were as tame as kitten. Alone, doing boy things, and they were far rougher. This brotherhood ended abruptly, leaving Tycen without the one he counted as his true brother.
Only the third woman he will truly get to know beyond acquaintance, Lady Sansa is regarded well enough by Tycen. They are hardly acquaintances but he understands full and well that he must change that. His companion through life, it is a task of dire importance that trust is gained between them. A task which he has been putting off for various reasons, Tyrion's recent arrest one of many. He feels a sense of protection over her and for now, it is only due to the alliance, but he hopes to achieve something of a partnership in their marriage.

<div class="genhead">Heart of a Lion</div>
<div class="gensmall">Personality</div>
Tycen comes off as unfeeling in many ways. His green eyes are most often calm and unreadable as he listens and thinks but he is not a stranger to rage or deep love either. Still, outbursts are rare and he is far more likely to arrange for someone else to do his dirty work.
Tycen is not adverse to hard work or getting dirty, however, but he is aware that putting someone else in harm's way is far better than putting himself there. He is willing to put in the man hours to get what needs to be done completed but he is very willing to hand off jobs that others can take care of for efficiency and isn't someone who thinks he's the only one capable of doing things right. In fact, he rather prefers orchestrating and directing in order to watch his plans come to fruition. He likes to see his ideas manifest in others and it's best when they think his ideas are theirs.
He feels that religion is a manipulation of men to make other men act as they wish. Women and men become slaves to their Gods, living as the books and scribes demand, slaves to their imagination and proud of it. He has used this method himself, making someone feel obligated and proud to do his bidding. The perfect farce, as far as he is concerned. Slaves eventually resent being slaves, worshipers dedicate their lives to being slaves willingly and proclaim to everyone how they love it.
He has a ruthless quality that is compared to Tywin's but the two have very different motives in their sometimes brutal ways. Tycen was hit very hard with tragedies in a very short amount of time, and the near loss of his mother and sister have him feeling that strength is what the world must see in order to protect his family. Tywin kept House Lannister a great one, they knew he was a serious man who would be adamantly vindictive if crossed. Tycen knows that he must restore that image and, if he is seen as his father's son, then their House will no longer be seen as weak and vulnerable. Unlike Tywin, in private Tycen can be quite emotionally open and affectionate. But, these are rare occasions that are growing further and further apart as the stress on the house grows. The mask he wears to appear brutal and cold may soon become his only face.

<div class="genhead">Majesty of a Lion</div>
<div class="gensmall">Appearance</div>
Tycen was the only one of the Lannister brood in a long time to go against the dominant flaxen hair. His features come directly from his mother's Dornish blood and, unlike his fairer siblings, his olive skin and dark hair make him stand out among them. Even his sister, who shares the same Dornish ancestry, was born blonde. His olive skin tends not to burn in the sun so he can sometimes be seen with a darker tan.
His eyes are the same green of Tywin's and he inherited the unusual gold flecks of his father as well. He is around six feet tall and has the build of a man who has put work into his physical self. He is muscular with broad shoulders. He doesn't seem to have the same prowess as an athlete of Jaime's talent but he is certainly in good shape and continues to sharpen his fighting skills and keep himself that way.
Keeping his hair short and his face generally beardless, Tycen looks as young as he is. He has large hands with long fingers, perfect for playing an instrument if he chose to keep up with those lessons as a child. He enjoys clothing as well, picking it out and showing it off, though he prefers plain patterns or no pattern at all and stays away from very bright colors. He favors an autumn pallette.

<img src="" class="appimage">
Bastard. That is what they will call his sister's husband's fucking child. Tycen hoped the thing came out wrong, like Tyrion. He hope it had defects, he hoped its spine was twisted and its feet clubbed. He hoped it was deaf, blind, and dumb and pissed and shat itself so foul that even a slave refused to touch it. An abomination! It was what Valarr deserved. Better yet, make it stillborn, then the religious fanatics would howl at the moon that it was a sign against the son of a bitch who had shamed his sister for all to see.

And why keep it alive at all? Did he plan to shame her and the Lannisters even more by making this welp of a servant girl a Lord? He was sure of one thing, Sansa Lannister would never suffer such humiliation. Her house would be free of this shame and no one would look upon her with pity and scorn for not keeping him satisfied and no one would look at him with disappointment for his lack of will to keep his cock where it belonged. He was not Cersei, he was not Jaime, he was not Tyrion! The lechful whores that gave Lannisters the reputation of looseness. That all ended with Tycen.

His dick was free until his wedding day and then, it belonged in Sansa's cunt or in his own hand, preferably the former along with other places on and in Sansa. He had no delusions that sex needed love or that some women were special in bed. A cunt was a cunt was a cunt. He would only need one. He hoped Sansa would be more than that in the end, but either way, he would not have wandering eyes. How useless the habit of whoring was.

He walked into the baths, the steam creating a near fog in the pleasantly warm and humid room. He began to sweat almost immediately. This would calm his fury, he thought as would a well placed servant cunt right about now. No, may as well begin practicing now or else the servants might make Sansa wonder and jealous, especially after what happened to his sister. In fact, every servant that had been fucked by him or Jaime would be dismissed tomorrow, he decided. None would expect or remember a Lannister taking them to bed. Shedding his linen tunic, he tossed it away from the worst of the water that littered the floor and slipped into the hot bath water with a sigh.
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