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 The Five Stages of Grief, Good Sister Lorainna
 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 07:07 AM
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Kings Landing

Returning to Kings Landing was a depressing action for the newly widowed princess. After her initial grief and pain she fell into the typical depression that one experiences when loosing their husband. Though she had long accepted the fact that there was nothing that could be done. Willas was gone with the Stranger and she was left to walk among the living. She did not smile. She did not enjoy the hard won victory. In fact she did not associate with anyone other than Viserys and those that came to see him. She slept in his bed like she had once done when they were children or she slept next to Vaelyx. Her moods would only serve to put a damper on the hard work that the warrior had done to win their battle. When she was able to set her grief aside for a few moments she responded to ravens, planned the return of Willas' body to Highgarden, or looked towards her future. She had no indication of where her life was now headed. With a dead husband and no child in her womb, her stay at Highgarden was pointless. The idea of wedding Willas' younger brother, Garlan, had crossed her mind as a political move on Mace Tyrell's part but she doubted he would propose it. Dany had not provided children and thus Mace had little use of her. Plus Dany was unsure if she could ever open her heart the way she had with Willas to anyone ever again. Mentally she was constructing a wall around it that was meant to be impenetrable.

As soon as Viserys was well enough she begged him to take her back to Kings Landing. Together they mounted up Drax and Vaelyx to make the journey back across the Narrow Sea and towards home. There was no large welcome party since it was only the two of them. Dany preferred it that way as word of Willas' death had likely reached them. She walked with her eyes on the ground and quickly through the halls to her bed chambers. From there she crawled into her bed and slept a deep and silent sleep. Barely rousing for the servants that entered and left her chambers either with fresh food or drink or to ask if the princess needed anything. 'Princess Dany Targaryen". Her family name returned to her like an old familiar gown. The servants would not call her Targaryen openly to her face but she knew that sooner or later her old name would return. After a full day of rest, Dany finally rose from bed to take a warm bath and to dress in a gown for the first time in what felt like weeks. Between the stillbirth and riding off to war she had not felt the softness of such feminine apparel. Granted she selected black to show that she was in mourning. Her wedding ring and Willas' strung up on a gold chain together that hung around her neck. Her hand constantly touching it or reaching for it.

Eventually the time came for Dany to face the situation that was awaiting her in Highgarden. Watching the servants pack up Willas' belonging did nothing to improve her mood. They moved quickly to basically erase all traces of her husband. After an hour or so of watched, Dany could no longer take it. Leaving the room and walking through the hall until she could feel the sunlight on her cheeks. It was really the first time she had left her bedchambers since her initial arrival at Kings Landing yet she hoped to avoid people. A task that would be basically impossible. Where she moved she passed either a guard or a servant tending to their daily routine. Thankfully they paid her little mind, expect for the respectful bow. She hoped that they understood her need for solitude. She hoped that they did not take her actions personally as she was still in mourning. The simple black gown signified that along with her generally less than stellar appearance.

As she moved she found the gardens were she used to play as a child and where she and Willas first began their betrothal. He proposed in what would be considered an ancient manner by royal betrothal standards. He knelt down at her feet and offered her a gorgeous ring while begging for her to marry him. Even if the betrothal had been set in stone with paper and alliances, Willas still asked her. Something she appreciated and gladly said yes to him. They were in love ever since. Her grip on the rings around her neck tightened as she passed by the stop where it had happened. Quickly passing by until she found a more isolated area. Except the area that she had expected to be isolated was not. There was a woman there that Dany immediately knew as her brother's wife and Queen of Westeros. What was she supposed to do? Was this a situation that called for formally such as bowing and greeting her grace? She was at a loss. Dany was once again a princess. However before her was a Queen and her sister by law.

Deciding it was best to speak rather than be silent. "Good afternoon your grace." She said. "I am sorry if I am disturbing you. I thought this area to be isolated and quiet." Maybe she needed to reintroduce herself to the political aspect of court and such. Perhaps after the funeral. For now she could barely handle this social interaction. "I can leave you to your thoughts if you would prefer."
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